Wait… New Ponies?

That aren’t Core 7 or Big Headed G3.5’s?
Seems so, seems Hasbro are launching a new line soon that will be introducing 40 odd characters to the lineup. And it appears some G1’s will be coming back, including one of my all time faves. Applejack!
The newer stuff looks a bit anime like in style but I think it’s super cute and want to get my hands on an AJ toy/figurine.
This, is one of the characters I’m really hoping will be a good one, we always need more pegs, (and she’s not pink!)
Let’s just say, I’m rather excited about this new line, I hope it’s a good one!

Oh yeah, and I think at least on the Arena they’re thinking this new stuff will count as ‘G4’ as it’s a new style and it has new characters.


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