Not Bad for 25 Pence…

So, today I had some teeeny tiny pony luck. I was in town with my brother doing an errand and nipped into a small little charity shop which I frequent, I’ve had a few finds there in the past and I found this cute lil’ guy for 30 pence
Then a little while later I say to my brother ‘you know, I haven’t been in Save the Children for ages, I’ll go take a look’ and walk to the toy section, this shop has a 25 pence ‘rummage’ box full of toys, normally most of them are fast food toys and various little bits, but I spot a hank of hair and find something interesting…
G2, Princess Crystal, for the grand total of 25 pence. Pretty good huh?

Oh yeah, whilst in there I found an Old Fisher Price Chatter phone, you know this thing…

It kind of made me do a double take as I watched Toy Story 3 last week and one of these guys pops up in there as a character, and anyone whose seen the film will know that he doesn’t get off too lightly…
Also, the pony corner chaos is being slowly sorted, out of bordeom I counted up the ponies in the bait/double/clean box and found I have about 80 in there, I have a lot of cleaning to do…


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