So you may have  noticed I’ve not updated here much.

It’s not that I havent had content to post, I’ve just been lacking motivation to do really post stuff. Which is bad, very bad.

But hopefully there should be some more stuff soon.


Wait… I got a job?

I have an important annoucenment to make.

I have just got a job 😀

And it’s an animal related job as well. I’ll be working at an animal sanctuary which happens to be the one we adopted our dog from. My friend and her parents came over on Sunday and she dropped to me that there was a job going up there. I rang up arranged an interview for today.

And pretty much walked up there and was given the job on the spot. I have to go in Thursday but I properly start on Friday and will be working weekends.

So today I get to go the job centre and tell them ‘see ya’. I am so glad to be getting off the Dole, it’s been a hell of a few months. So much for them saying that I can’t find a job with animals.

Normal Service Will (Hopefully) Resume

So, it’s been a bit dead on here hasn’t it?

I do actually have a couple of pony related things to mention eventually. I’ve been quite busy trying to wrap things up at college before I’m finished for good.  (Yikes)

So watch this space I guess.

One Page Down…

So, I’ve now finished up one of my ‘info pages’ on here. The one about Pony slang it came out at about 5 pages as a word document and I hope it prooves useful. I do give out a very big thank you to all the Arena members and Trading Post members who checked it over and gave me suggestions, I almost forgot just how much slang the community has…

Next up will be ‘resources’ and then I shall contine work on the ‘Fakie guide’