Pony Tales: Applejack’s Rescue

This week a small disaster befell my herd.

One of my ponies became trapped in a deep dark abbys known as ‘B’Hind Ex’Boxe’ poor g1 Applejack the most adventerous one of the herd had gone outside to explore the snow and had returned. Not feeling up to the journey up ‘At’yick Stares’ to get into the safe haven of ‘The Beyd’rhume’ she decided to rest upon the strange formation known as ‘St’Acked Gaymes’

However, a major tremor occured and brave Applejack fell down into ‘B’Hind Ex’Boxe’

The little pony stayed there for five long days and nights hoping for a resuce, attempts were made but failed until today.

A bizzare contraption which had begun its life as a  wire coat hanger managed to catch her by the tail and pull her toward the light.

She was safe!

Applejack for now is resting upon Mt.Beyd and awaiting a bath. She may take a small break from adventuring.


Sometimes I Fail…

So, I have a tale to tell ye, a cautionary tale if ye may.

Arrr it was a… rather unseasonably mild December when the…
Sorry, I left my pirate mode on.

Okay, so I got given (unexpectatly) a new laptop for Christmas, I still have the big clunky, laggy beast of a machine as otherwise I wouldn’t have Photoshop. So, when getting ‘settled’ in on the new laptop who I’ve affectionately named ‘Coco’ I decided to download the MMO Perfect World International. I joined it after my best friend recommended it but haven’t played much as I know that my old laptop couldn’t run it. So after it’s installed, patched I go to log in and get an error message

‘Incorrect username/password combination’
My first thought it ‘oh must have forgotten my password’ so I go to reset it, still the same message so I try several times not thinking what must be wrong and decide to email customer support.
I just got the email back from them about 30 minutes ago and guess what they say:
‘Hello, please ensure you are logging on with your account name and not your forum name’
I seriously can’t believe I did that. I’ve had several days of annoyance over not being able to get into the game and I did that? Seriously?

A Prayer

Oh holy pony gods who rule upon us.
I your humble servant beseach you of a boon.
I have been a good collector this year.
I haven’t splurged, I’ve been nice to my fellow collectors and I’ve done my best to look after my collection.
I beseach you, oh mightly pony gods to grant me one mercy.
Let me go to UKPonycon.
Your humble follower.

(translation: I’m hopefully going to UKPonycon but getting there this year hinges on my parents)

A Bored Toy Collector Is a Dangerous Thing…

Need any more evidence that a bored toy collector is a dangerous thing? First I stuck Wolverine on a Unicorn
Now Altair has gained an army of Dollymix ponies…
If I were a Templar, I’d be worried!

I admit I have almost no relevant news to post relating to anything really. However I will recommend this song from the Dragon Age 2 Sountrack. ‘I’m Not Calling You a Liar’ by Florence and the Machine. I admit this isn’t my usual ‘style’ of music but its a beautiful song none the less. I really recommend checking out the DA 2 soundtrack it has some amazing pieces in it.

And the beautiful ‘I am the One’ from Dragon Age: Origins.

Ah Ebay, You Do make me Laugh…


Oh yeah this is also from the auction page ‘ This is the Collector Plush My Little Pony that was seen in the 2007Transformers Movie, this Pony resparked the My Little Pony for collectors in 2008 by staring in the Transformers Movie. And will be a collecters item in years to come’