My Childhood is Sham! (Sort of)

Okay, this is going on about books. Not a usual topic for me but bare with me.

As a animal obsessed child (who turned into an animal obsessed adult) most of my reading material was animal themed as you could guess. Now one of my main staples was the Animal Ark series. The series set in Yorkshire of the adopted Mandy Hope, her best friend James Hunter and all the animal they meet.

Which I would tell you is a series of books written by Lucy Daniels.

This is not the case, to put it simply. There is no Lucy Daniels, at first I thought it was ghost written by an author called Ben. M. Baglio,  pseudonyms are not unusual in writing but this would be the first example I know of a male author using a female pseudonym.

But that’s not even right.

Turns out the whole thing was just one big publisher construct. Even the name was chosen for marketing purposes, as it would appear next to the popular Collin Dann (author of Farthing Wood) to encourage more people to buy the books. They made it convincing, if you look on the publisher’s site it will tell you a fictional biography about Lucy,  I even found a supposed interview with her although reading through it, it doesn’t quite seem genuine.

And the thing is, this doesn’t shock me.

I mean, I knew about the apparent pseudonym which didn’t surprise me, but then finding out that wasn’t the truth?

I’m not sure, I guess it’s not soul crushing as it’s not me finding this as a child, it’s me finding it as an adult. My first thought was honestly ‘Wait this is the plot of a Simpson’s episode…’

Part of me is wondering if I should be a little more outraged about this, but I am not.