Not So Super Best Friends Forever

Why hello everyone, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog.

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And well, this caught my attention, when it cropped up on my Tumblr a few days ago. What is this? Let me explain

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You see, there is/was a series of shorts developed by Lauren Faust who as most of us know is behind Friendship is Magic. She made these shorts under the series name of ‘Super Best Friends Forever’. Super Best Friends Forever featured Supergirl, Wonder Girl and Batgirl.

Notice, how all three characters are unique? They have unique faces, bodytypes and although you won’t know this from the image Wonder Girl has a distinctly Greek accent.

This had all the makings of a good take on a ‘Superheroes for Girls’ cartoon and with Lauren Faust behind it would have hopefully turned out like Friendship is Magic.

But then, this happened.

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Source: The Nerd Signal

This is not directly the work of Warner Brothers/DC, it is the work of a company named Rubies who acquired the license to make costumes based around the concept.

And well, I feel they had a lot of potential with this idea but it fell short.

On the one hand the artwork is cute and the costumes are something that I wouldn’t mind a child of mine running around in but then they are just rather generic. And don’t really capture the character they represent.

Especially Supergirl, as her costume is meant to be similar to Superman’s instead here they just went for the ‘Pink’ look, and the fact all the costumes feature skirts even though in the case of Batgirl a skirt isn’t really practical wear.

And Wondergirls’ costume? To be fair without the headband and belt I would find it hard to match that up with the Wonderwoman look.

SBBF had uniqueness, which in many cartoons aimed at girls is something that’s lacking as even though they say change up the hairstyle and the clothes a lot of the characters come out looking the same. This is one reason I praise Monster High as if you look each character they are unique, this does extend to the dolls although certain things are not as noticable.

And this isn’t even touching on the issue that Rubies version of Wondergirl has been whitewashed when in the SBBF she had noticably darker skin and a Greek accent. And the fact they all have the same bodytype when SBBF Supergirl has a noticably heavier build, why wouldn’t she, she is a female counterpart to Superman after all.


Hello Again

Been neglecting this blog again.
But I’ve got stuff to show from the last two weeks.
 photo DSCF8221640x480_zps2c6e6f16.jpg
 photo DSCF8223640x480_zpsc58a1965.jpg
 photo DSCF8224640x480_zps29ae9a68.jpg

Back in the Saddle

It’s about time I got back into the habit of posting.

Over the bank holiday weekend I went down the local carboot and had a decent haul for the first time in ages

 photo DSCF7902_zps0c07bc89.jpg

 photo DSCF7903_zpsb2ef242c.jpg

 photo DSCF7904_zps8c515f16.jpg

 photo DSCF7909_zps5bee7f89.jpg

 photo DSCF7905_zpsc8c7da16.jpg

 photo DSCF7906_zps79e16a44.jpg

More Pony Luck

So, had a pretty good week so far pony wise. Hopefully this makes up for the lack of updates
I found a bag for ¬£1.99 in the local PSDA and it had two dolls and two ponies, this is the first G1 I’ve found second hand in quite a while. She’s not on my want list but I think I’ll keep her as she’s really pretty
Gusty! I updated my want list deciding to focus on mostly G1’s since there’s a fair amount of ‘commons’ I don’t have.
H&M hairclips, I’m going to go back to get another set since there’s three designs and they’ve also got Pinkie Pie hats and gloves (the hat’ll fit me, the gloves not so much XD)

Not much else to say, still job hunting had an interview that didn’t go anywhere. (The job in question was a long shot, I am quite impressed I got to the interview, I was one of 15 people out of 640something who got through, but when it’s 15 people all with similar skills and experience I’d say it’s a numbers game, but one of my former classmates got through as well and got in the second shortlist so hopefully he does well)


It’s Been a While…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but hey look I have material.
A Cotton Candy pomander I found in a local charity shop not quite sure where she’s going to go right now
G3 Desert Blossom who I found down the local carboot, she seriously needs some time at the pony salon

And, I’ve picked up my second G4
Pinkie Pie! I did want to grab a Rainbow Dash but the one I found for some reason had these brown marks on her muzzle like the plastic was aged. D:
Close up of the cute little suitcase
Stickers and ‘train ticket’
Map/Leaflet which has got stuck on the wall above my desk
Loki has gained another army member (and he’s very useful for storing cables)
N7 Keychain I found at my local Gamestation

So that’s me sorted. College is wrapping up, I’m busy trying to make sure everything is done and dusted. Gaming wise I’ve started Dragon Age: II again as I got the ‘Exiled Prince’ DLC finally so I now have Sebastian Vael. And I’ve been playing Darksiders.


Oooh, there’s a box from Amazon so what’s in there I wonder?
Oh I see, Hello Loki
“Mortal, free me from this plastic prision!”
“In a minute”

So, I saw ‘The Avengers’ a week or two ago and I will just say as of that day I have been ‘Loki’d’ as it were. And soon I ended up finding a figurine on Amazon and because its my birthday soon (what next month is soon!) I decided to treat myself.
Now, I’ll have to keep an eye on him as he might try to rule of Midgard by way of controlling ponies.

He’s a really well made figurine though, really detailed he’s a bit hard to balance though but I always seem to have that problem.
Hey, he was much cheaper than THIS:
That version of him will be forever out of reach I think.

*Blows off Dust* Hey Look An Ezio!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated here. I’ve honestly had little material for this blog but my art blog however has been a lot more active.

Anyway, I got this on Friday but only got a decent photo today.
That, I believe is the PVC statuette that came with the ‘super’ collector’s edition of Assassin’s Creed Revelations. I didn’t initally realise what it was until I got it as I thought it was just¬† one of the ‘normal’ action figures. He’s sitting on my currently empty desk until I can find a better spot for him. I have a few weeks off college so I’m going to try and get my room cleaned up a bit and probably do my usual collection sort out.

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