Defiently ‘Starry Ponies’

So, I noticed that with the five ponies I’ve brought recently via the Arena and Trading post apart from one that they have a very similar theme. They all are star related. See
Milkyway, Twinklehope, Baby Northstar (who is even nicer in person!) and G3 Moondancer. Only one that breaks the pattern is Baby Bellaluna.
I’ve got another pony on the way that is a combo breaker as it were. (Can’t wait to have her, I’ve been wanting said pony since I first saw her!)

Also, you may remember the blue unicorn plush I picked up last week? Well Monday I decided to give him a bit of a scrub up with Oxyclean spray and he’s come up lovley.
Quite the change, let’s see the giant box of cleaning still needs to be sorted, my pony corner is all higgedly piggidly again, my local Asda seems to have stopped selling Dollymix ponies at the moment, and as usual and the carebear I got last week needs a clean still.


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  1. Doodlebug
    Jan 02, 2011 @ 01:01:34

    I love Milky Way’s (the G1?) pose! I know she’s in Mimic’s pose. I just love how happy their faces look.

    That unicorn plush look extremely similar to two that I have. It’s possible he’s also made by Commonwealth. How large is he?


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