Pony Slang/Terms

This will be a list of various pony related slang/terms used by collectors. This is intended to help new collectors, non collectors who many not know what I’m going on about and those of us that need a little reminder. This list is as accurate as I could make it, and there will probabaly be some terms I have missed out. If you’re looking for a term use your browser’s ‘find’ function to do so to save trawling through the list.

Thanks to everyone on the MLPArena and MLPTradingPost who gave me suggestions and checked this for me!

AB Eye: Airbrushed Eyes, term used with Nirvana ponies to refer to eyes that have been airbrushed rather than stamped on
Acetone: Used when either prepping baits by removing symbols or eye paint, or sometimes used to try and remove certain marks. Is most commonly found in nail varnish remover. It will strip paint of ponies so caution is advised
AECPAnniversary Edition Collectors Pose, for their 25th anniversary Hasbro released rereleases of the original Collectors Pose ponies
Anypony: means anybody
Arena: The MLPArena, a collecting community
Argie: Term for an Argentinean variant of a My Little Pony
Auriken: A type of Mexican pony which have no marks on the base of the feet
Baby Brother: A range of boy My Little Pony these were designed to be ‘little brothers’ and are a smaller version of the boy mold
Bait: A My Little Pony that is in a condition that it would be considered better to turn into a custom, what makes a pony a ‘bait’ varies from collector to collector but commonly ‘baits’ will have flaws like: scratched paint, badly smudged symbols, haircuts or bad hair, chew marks, pen marks ect.
BBE: Beddy Bye Eye, Baby my little ponies which have ‘doll eyes’ that are designed to open and close, these are known as ‘Lullaby Ponies’ in the UK
Big Brother/BB: A range of boy My Little Pony each one had an occupation or sport theme
BIN: Buy it Now, normally on Ebay a pony or other item that can be brought rather than bid on
BnG: Brush and Grow, a range of ponies that has hair that would ‘grow’ when brushed due to a mechanism in the neck that winds the hair
Boy pony: G1 ponies that are ‘male’ they are larger and stockier than female ponies and will normally have furry hooves.
Brony A term from the FiM fandom. Brony is a mixture of ‘btro and ‘pony’. It is believed to originally be for male fans of the series but may have become more encompassing as a term for FiM fans in general.
Cancer: Common in G1’s, brown spots within the plastic of the pony these are caused by the deterioration of the plastic, this can be lessened with sunfading
Clone Pose: The name given to the pose that the Core 7’s come in
Colour Swirl: Another pony range, these are ponies that are quite leggy in appearance, they are covered with two tone swirly markings all over their bodies
Comic Con Pony: A special pony released each year at the San Diego Comic Con
Concave Foot/CF: The majority of G1 My Little Ponies have concave feet,
Core 7: In 2008 Hasbro decided to reduce the ponies to 7 characters, Cheerilee, Star Song, Pinkie Pie, Sweetie Belle, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. These ponies are re released with a different theme, such as Easter, ‘Henna’ markings, TAF
CP: Collectors Pose, the pose in which the original My Little Ponies came in
Custom: A My Little Pony that has been customised. Customs can range in complexity from being simple to being very ornate
Cutie Mark: The term given to the symbols on the My Little Ponies, this term is the official one from Hasbro that they use for G3 and G4 ponies
CMC: Cutie Mark Crusaders, abbreviation for the organisation that the characters Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and Scootloo set up
DB: Dream Beauty, made by Hasbro and sold between 1989 and 1990 these are hard plastic toy horses with bright colours
De-BBE: De Beddy Bye Eye, when a Beddy Bye Eye baby has had the beddy bye eyes removed and then is remade to give it ‘normal’ pony eyes
Deflock: When a collector removes the flocking from a So Soft Pony. This may be done if the flocking is in bad shape such as rubs or stains to the flocking or may be done due to preference as some collectors do not like So Soft Poniespy
Ditzy Doo A fan named pony who appears in the background of the FiM cartoons. So named for her  expression which may be due to an animation glitch or on purpose.
DnP: Dance and Prance, a range of G1 My Little Ponies that have a knob on the chest that when turned will cause the pony to dance
DnW: Drink and Wet, a range of G1 baby ponies that are designed to ‘drink’ from a bottle through a hole in their mouths and ‘wet’ through a hole under the tail.
Dr. Whooves/My Little Timelord A Friendship is Magic background character. Fan named due to his resemblance to the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant, has an hour glass cutie mark, brown body and brown spiky hair
DJ P0N-3/Viynl Stratch A FiM background character. Recognisable through her purple shades, blue spiky hair and music note symbol
DS Display side, this is the side of the pony that is the ideal side to display, in G3’s this is the side that the symbol is on as it is one sided, with G1’s it is normally the side where the hair falls
Earth pony: Any My Little Pony that is designed to look like a normal pony, as in has no wings or horn
Euro: A term used to refer to a pony that is a European pony
EQD: Equestria Daily, a popular G4 fansite which contains fan created works and pony related news
Everypony Pony term, a play on words meaning ‘everybody’
Factory Curl: This refers to a My Little Pony that’s hair still retains the curls that they had when ‘straight out of the factory’
Factory Error: Flaws in a pony that were caused during production, such as off placed symbols, extra hair plug lines, extra tail holes ect.
Fakie: A knock off of a My Little Pony, there is a very wide range of fakies around and many collectors will collect them as well as real ponies
Fancy Mermaid Pony G1 My Little Ponies that were made up of a baby pony and a mermaid tail
FIM ‘Friendship is Magic’ the current My Little Pony cartoon
Flat Foot/FF: The original release of the 6 original ponies were issued with flat feet, and then reissued with concave feet
Flutter: A My Little Pony mold. They have butterfly like, delicate wings which clip into their backs
FP: Fancy Pants, a range of baby G1 My Little Pony that instead of symbols have a painted on diaper
FSF: Fashion Star Filly, a range of plastic model horses from the 80’s made by Kenner that have brushable hair and bright colours
FT: First Tooth, a range of baby  G1 My Little Pony which have a painted tooth on their mouth
G1: Generation 1, the original My Little Ponies from 1981 to 1995
G2: Generation 2, My Little Ponies from 1997 to 2003
G3: Generation 3, My Little Ponies, these are from 2003 to present
G3.5: Generation 3.5 this is a range of ponies that are still in store in some places, but they’ve had a very short run also known as ‘chibi’ style
G4 Also known as ‘Hub’ ponies these are ponies that are currently in store in the US and are from the new ‘Friendship is Magic’ cartoon
Gentlecolts Play on words, appears in FiM a play on ‘gentlemen’
Goof Off: A spray that is originally designed to be used to get gum off floors, can be used to removal symbols during custom prepping and may also be used on stubborn marks. This product should be used outside or in a well ventilated area as it has very strong fumes
GnS Glow and Show ponies, these are G1 ponies that could glow in the dark
GrailA grail refers to a pony, or any other collectiable item that is considered the ‘ultimate’ item for that collector to get
Highlighter: Bright marks on a pony, unlike regrind these are referred to as ‘highlighter’ marks as they are most likely a form of penmark
HTF: Hard to find
Hub Pony Alternate name for the G4 ponies. These are a current range of ponies on sale which are based off the Friendship is Magic cartoon.
LL/Lily Ledy: Term for a type of Mexican pony that have ‘LL’ markings on the base of their feet
LPS: Littlest Pet Shop, a range of  little toy animals made by Hasbro
Magic Eraser: A product originally designed as a home cleaning product, it is sold in a large block and is cut to size and is often used by collectors when it comes to cleaning up ponies and lightening/removing certain marks
Mane Six: Fandom term for the six mane ponies of the G4 line, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Applejack
MIB: Mint in box or Mint in bag
Mint: A ‘perfect’ My Little Pony, considered to have pretty much no flaws as if they’ve never been taken out of the box and never been played with
MIP: Mint in package
MLP: My Little Pony
MO/Mail Order: My Little Ponies that were available to order through brochures
MOC: Mint on card
Mold: Quite simply, mold that has gotten into the plastic of a pony, or just internally quite common with G1’s
Mountain Boy/MB: A range of boy My Little Pony these ones had weather themes
MWBMint With Box/Bag
MWCMint With Card
MWPMint With Package
NC No Country a term used for Nirvana ponies refering to ones that do not have a country stamped on their hooves
NBBE: Non Beddy Bye Eye, variants of the BBE ponies without the doll eyes
NB New Born, a range of baby ponies
NBC: New Born Cutie, a range of G3 baby ponies, they are like baby dolls
NBT New Born Twins
NDSNon Display Side, the other side of the pony that is normally not viewed when the ponies are on display
Nirvana: term given to foreign variants of My Little Ponies
NM Near Mint, term refering to a pony that is in very good condition but not quite perfect, will usually have some small flaws
NRFB: Never removed from box
NRFC: Never removed from card
NSS/Non So Soft: European versions of the So Soft ponies which were made without the flocking
OBO: Or Best Offer
OOAK: One of a Kind, used when referring to customs to refer to a custom that has been made once and will most likely never be made again, can also apply to other items such as dolls, jewellery ect.
Oxyclean: A cleaning product, originally for stain removal with cleaning clothes but is often used with collectors for cleaning ponies
PC: Price Check
Pegasister A term sometimes used by/to describe female FiM/G4 fans
Penmarks: As the name states, these are penmarks on the plastic of a pony, often can be removed by sunfading
Piggy: A term for a particular range of Spanish ponies. These ones have eyes like BBE ponies and pig like feet
Plushie: A pony soft toy, is also used of course for other soft toys,
Pony/Ponies Term often used in the online pony community to refer to other collectors
Ponycon: Held yearly it is the biggest convention for Pony Collectors it also has a UK version
Ponymeet An often small event in which collectors meet each other and get to know each other better, often tends to be focused around collectors from a certain area
Ponyville/PV: A range of mini G3 My Little Pony they are small ponies and come with a wide range of sets and accessories
Ponywear: Clothing sets of My Little Pony there are a wide range of costumes around
PP: Perfume Puff, G1 My Little Ponies that were originally scented and have puffy manes
Prototype: Rare ponies that pop up from time to time, or in the case of some have only been seen in brochures or leaflets. These are ponies that may be in different poses, unfinished or experimental or first runs of ponies
Punzie: A common nickname for the G1 pony Rapunzel
RAOPK: Random Act of Pony Kindness. This is when a collector sends out a surprise gift to another member, RAPOK will generally contain at least one pony and will often contain other goodies such as sweets and little gift items.
Regrind: Common in G1’s, regrind is spots on the pony caused by deterioration of the plastic, is unfixable
Rehair: A pony that has been rehaired by a collector, this is usually done to recreate the original hair colours or in some cases may be rehaired with different colours to make a more interesting look
Removezit: A product by Twin Pines of Maine, it is a cleaning product designed for cleaning up plastic dolls and is sometimes used on ponies, however caution is advised as it has been known to discolour certain ponies
Repink: G1’s with pink hair often fade over time, repinking is a process done by collectors in which the hair is dyed back to it’s original pink colour
Restore: A pony that has been restored by a collector
Reverse: A common trend with customs, and also a pony variant. A pony who has the colours reversed. This may be through the hair colours being reversed so the ‘strip’ colour in the hair is the main one and the main one is the strip or the body and hair colours are reversed
SA: South African, a very rare ‘Nirvana’ pony type
Saddlesores: Marks found on the back of a pony, these are very common in G1’s such as Sundance which came with a saddle, this is caused by the dye on the saddle leaking out and staining the plastic, similar marks may appear on the face if a bridle was worn
Saran: The type of plastic hair that is used for My Little Ponies and dolls, another type used is Nylon hair
Sea pony: a range of My Little Pony these were designed to be like seahorses and have a My Little Pony head and a seahorse like body, they were designed for water play
SHS: Sweet Heart Sister, a type of My Little Pony, they were taller and thinner than a normal My Little Pony and looked more ‘delicate’ in features
SLH: Super long hair, refers to ponies that have manes that at a lot longer than normal
Smooze: Also known as pindot, this is a type of mold that is quite common in G1 ponies, this is fixable. It is tiny specks of black, most commonly seems to occur on the ears, muzzle and feet of a pony but can occur anywhere
SS: So soft, My Little Pony that have flocking over their bodies
Sunfading: A process done to try and ‘fade out’ marks such as pen marks. This is done by covering the hair, eyes and symbols and putting the pony in a sunny location
SW: Summer Wing
Swap: Swaps can be for either customs, normal ponies or may be for non pony items, such as candy, socks ect. A swap is an event in which interested participants join up with a list of what they would like, are matched up with another member and then prepare swap boxes with the items and ‘extras’ such as candies and other items.
TAF: Twice as Fancy, ponies with elaborate symbols that adorn both sides of their bodies
Tail Rust: Common in G1 My Little Ponies as they have a metal washer to keep their tail in place, essentially the washer becomes rusty, you can often spot signs of tail rust at the base of the tail and the base of the mane and yes rust can spread within the ponies body.  It is fixable
TE: Twinkle eye, refers to ponies that instead of the usual painted eyes have gems instead
TP: Trading Post, stands for the My Little Pony Trading Post, a collecting community also abbreviated as MLPTP
Trade: When two collectors trade ponies. This can be in ways such as a pony for a pony, pony for accessories, pony for art, pony for other toys/collectables ect.
Variant: A variation on a pony, this can be due to it being from another country or it may be a variation of body colour, hair colour or pose. Quite common with ponies that are re releases or from playsets
What the Hay A phrase said by Applejack in FiM is supposed to be a ponyfied version of ‘What the Heck/Hell’
WW: Windy Wing

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