Hello Again

Been neglecting this blog again.
But I’ve got stuff to show from the last two weeks.
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Back in the Saddle

It’s about time I got back into the habit of posting.

Over the bank holiday weekend I went down the local carboot and had a decent haul for the first time in ages

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Went down the local carboot today, and it made up for the rather cruddy one we had a couple of weeks ago.
And as much as this pony totally rocks this hairdo this is the only thing I can think of when I look at her:

A Pony-Filled Week

So, this week has been a very pony filled week
First up:
Got my FiM posters through the post this week, they will stay in a safe place until I can find somewhere to frame them and put them up
Yesterday in a store called Family Bargains (which is a bigger version of the ’99pence store’) I found they were selling G4 Playsets so I picked this one up. Until I can get my room back it’s staying in the box
Carboot today, might already have the Care Bear, the book was I think today’s best find, honestly need to ID the G3’s I brought home.

Not much else to say, had a job interview last week that I don’t think went too badly but I’ll have to wait, I have an ‘interview’ next Tuesday with an animal shelter to do some volunteer work on Fridays.

Blindbags Yay! And Carboot Brags!

Yesterday I finally came across some blindbag ponies. I grabbed the last three that were in the box at the shop in question (my local branch of Sainsbury’s for anyone interested)
I managed to find, glow in the dark Rarity, Noteworthy and Rainbowshine
Close up of the cards (look very closley, there is a mistake on one!)
Today I went down the carboot, and found:
One large carebear who does need a wash (he’s covered in what looks like synthetic hair)
Two Sparkleworks and a Fairydust (fairydust I have so I might find her a new home)
A G1 Windy plush (who I have, she needs a home)
A model horse, was sold as a ‘Barbie’ horse but I don’t know if that’s the case, he’s similar to a wooden horse model I own
And a couple of comic books

No real changes work wise, found a few supermarket jobs to apply for, finally heard back from the animal rescue I asked to volunteer at, seem to have found a good avdvisor who wants to help me out, and I’m going on a ’employment skills’ course at the start of Sept, oh well just a few weeks for it though. Might have to take a couple of extra days depending on the volunteering.

A Little Haul

Went down the carboot yesterday for the first time in a while, came back with a few things.
1. Barbie horse (still need to ID)
2. Birthday Magic Lightheart
3. Terry Pratchett books (have a feeling I may already have ‘Lords and Ladies’
4. Goat beanie baby, won that at a raffel that was being held at the nearby supermarket

It’s Been a While…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but hey look I have material.
A Cotton Candy pomander I found in a local charity shop not quite sure where she’s going to go right now
G3 Desert Blossom who I found down the local carboot, she seriously needs some time at the pony salon

And, I’ve picked up my second G4
Pinkie Pie! I did want to grab a Rainbow Dash but the one I found for some reason had these brown marks on her muzzle like the plastic was aged. D:
Close up of the cute little suitcase
Stickers and ‘train ticket’
Map/Leaflet which has got stuck on the wall above my desk
Loki has gained another army member (and he’s very useful for storing cables)
N7 Keychain I found at my local Gamestation

So that’s me sorted. College is wrapping up, I’m busy trying to make sure everything is done and dusted. Gaming wise I’ve started Dragon Age: II again as I got the ‘Exiled Prince’ DLC finally so I now have Sebastian Vael. And I’ve been playing Darksiders.

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