Sabine of Star Wars: Rebels Initial Thoughts

So, there’s a new Star Wars cartoon on the way.

Disney's first female Star Wars character fights the Empire with art

Image Source I09

And, we have a female lead character. Her name is Sabine, and she’s a Mandolorian. She’s an explosives expert and a graffiti artist.

And here is her sneak peak trailer so we can get to know a little more about her via Hollywood Reporter

Now, I admit she’s got my interest.

I like Mandolorians immensely. And I generally like her design so far and the idea of her being an artist, and a female explosive’s expert is also a nice spin.

But at the same time, the video itself isn’t doing much to endear me. As her character is summed up as ‘Spunky, a bit of a tomboy with an attitude’ which honestly is one of the go to archetypes for the ‘Strong female character’, which I believe I’ve mentioned before.(If you want a good weigh in on this term go here) As it tends to be a few archetypes, and some quips thrown together in an attempt to make a female character that ultimately is not that strong.  And by strong I do not mean ‘This character is physically strong’ strong in the sense of crafting a character that is well rounded, can carry their narrative and is someone who is a person.

And that video is not doing much to give much depth to Sabine right now, but maybe right now there’s not much that can be revealed without major spoilers.

Also, did you really have you have go on about how cool she is supposedly as a character by stating she’s ‘Not a prissy girl’?

Because really, I thought we sort of moved beyond that. Or I wish we would move beyond that, you can in fact praise a female character without trashing others.

It’s early days yet, so I’m doing my best to reserve judgement until we get more information.

Hopefully she gets some development and we get to know some more about her and she turns out to be a good character.

A truly strong female character does not necessarily have to be ‘one of the boys’ and a butt kicking warrior, she can be the ‘girlest’  and most passive never picks up a sword or raises her voice character in existence but proceeding they can carry their story and they feel a fleshed out person.