So, to be totally honest I had no idea about this film before I watched it yesterday. I’d sort of seen it mentioned a few times but never really caught any trailers, and well the poster doesn’t really give you much to go on other than it looks like an action film.

It’s not really a film I would have really picked to see on my own, I honestly don’t tend to watch much stuff that’s higher than a 12a rating. And I’m not really a big fan of distopic settings. Mainly as it just seems they are rather overdone.

But I had no expectations for this film, and I was pretty pleasently suprised by the end of it.

Please note: The following review contains spoilers, please proceeed with caution.



I sat through the Lone Ranger

I honestly had no intention of watching this film. But I got drafted into going by my family.

Simply put, the film made little impression on me.

I don’t even think saying the visuals are good is a saving grace since now there’s very few films with bad visuals. This was supposed to be a ‘birth of a hero’ film but it just flopped for me. I can sort of make it work as ‘crazy western buddy film’ but even so.

I mean right near the end it feels like how ‘The Lone Ranger’ is supposed to be but the rest of the film is just no.

There was some funny moments. mostly slapstick. I have to admit a lot of the humour was quite forced to me but the only thing I found genuinely funny was Silver the horse.

Now to be warned, I touch upon a few senstive topics, abelism, sexism and rape jokes so most of this will be under a cut. And there’s some spoilers ahead.

Short version: This may have turned out well, but it didn’t and has plenty of ‘Why? Why did you do this?’

To me The Lone Ranger was one of those nolstagic pieces that probably should just stay nolstaglic for a reason. And really isn’t something that can be made into a modern adaptation. Or if you do you need to be very, very careful in doing so.

Now of course, the main issue was the racism surrounding the casting of Johnny Depp as a Native American. I admit this is somewhere I personally can not feel I can speak much as I am not Native American. So I will leave this aspect to others to deal with. But yes I really was not on board with the ‘let’s not cast someone who is actually Native American’ in the film.


Revenge Solves Everything

So I have in the last ten minutes or so finished Dishonored (at least when I started writing this post) and so I will atempt to review this game as best I can. Potential spoilers up ahead.

I admit, I didn’t know a lot about Dishonored before it came out but my brother had preordered it anyway and what I’d seen looked interesting which I suppose helped as I didn’t have too many preconcieved notions about the game.


The Adventures of TinTin: Secret of the Unicorn

Hello, it’s been a while and yet again here’s one of my rather bad attempts at reviewing a movie.

Now, I’ve been a fan of TinTin for quite a while. I remember reading my first comic when I was about 9-10 which was also when I disovered the Asterix comics so they’ve been one of those ‘big parts’ of my childhood. When I saw the trailer I was excited to see it being brought to the screen and hoped they did things well.

I wasn’t dissappointed.

The main point of the film that I loved was the CGI. The style was pretty breathtaking and very much made the characters real and for the most part avoided the ‘uncanny valley’ effect which they could have created there was a few moments where things got thrown slightly off. The world of TinTin was also very richley detailed and textured.

It may seem strange but one of the bits I loved was the opening credits. I loved the animation style that was used.

It to me was very much a film more intended for the fans, with the various hints to the previous comics (look out for a very special cameo at the start) and also the film was quite dark in points for a PG rated movie so do bare that in mind if you want to take small children to it.

The characters in this film were likable. TinTin was, well TinTin, likable, heroic and a ‘good guy’ but not deep. But to be fair this film didn’t need to be deep, everyone knows TinTin as ‘the intrepid boy reporter’, Haddock as the ‘illtempered, fiery captain’ and Thompson and Thompson as the ‘bumbling dectives’ and despite the aparent ‘shallowness’ of these characters it doesn’t detract from the film. The film is fast paced, plenty of action, humour and generally an enjoyable film to watch.

All For One and One For All!

I’ve just come back from watching ‘The Three Musketeers’ so here’s another one of my semi-naff movie reviews. Which I will try to keep spoiler free as possible.

I will say this, do not go to watch this film if you want a period accurate true to the book adaptation.Or a really ‘intelligent’ movie.  But do go if you are a fan of swashbuckling, fun, Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

That I will say is the main selling point of this film. It is fun. It is a high paced, crazy film with plenty of swashbuckling action. The characters are well done, the visuals are gorgeous, it has a good soundtrack and also the fighting scenes are awesome. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously either.

On the characters.

Milday, she was done pretty well. She was a type of character that is all to easy to screw up. She could have either come off as a ‘fake’ action character or she could have come off as too much of a ‘rawr I am female and tough’ character but I liked her. She was pretty kick arse.

D’Artegan, also another character type that could have gone horribly wrong. With his type of character it can be all too easy to make them overly arrogant, ‘scrappy’ types but I found him really likeable.

Buckingham, I was really surprised by Orlando Bloom’s performance. I’ve never really been a fan of him as the characters he tends to get cast as often strike me as annoying but he was surprisingly good at being an ‘elegant bastard’ type villain.I think he’s improved from the films I first saw him.

In this film, all of the characters to me were pretty likeable. None of them came off as overly annoying which I think added to the charm of it. There was a few somewhat cheesy bits and one moment where I very much had a ‘they’re not dead’ moment and another ‘that doesn’t work’ moment (thank you Mythbusters for breaking my sense of disbelief) but I loved it non the less.

I loved the airships. As dumb as it may seem the airships were one of the major reasons I wanted to see the film, it got my inner steam punk excited.

So if you can check it out, it’s a great swashbuckling action film. A type of film I think we need more of, films that are crazy, fun, don’t take themselves seriously and just generally are an enjoyable ride.

Childhood Nearly Complete

I, have a confession to make.

Until yesterday I’d never in my entire life watched Jurassic Park. I do remember all the hype about it when I was young, but I wasn’t allowed to watch it because ‘it was too scary’ (although I was allowed to watch the nightmare inducing Chernabog scene from Fantasia on my own) and I’d never had the opportunity to see it.
That was until last night my local cinema had been doing a limited time screening of it so my brother and I went to see it.

I was thoroughly impressed. For a film released 18 years ago it has aged pretty well and the effects are still very impressive. The film of course was a bit corny in parts but it still was pretty thrilling to watch (even if my inner paelotologist was annoyed at some of the mistakes they’d made) . I have to admit, I am quite suprised this film got away with a PG as there were a few moments that really did make me wince.

So, I’ve nearly completed the missing chunks from my childhood. Just need to track down a few more films and I’m done.

POTC: On Stranger Tides

Avast, be ye warned landlubber thar potentially be spoilers up ahead!

(Okay, enough pirate speak. Please also not I am not  a professional movie reviewer either)

I’ve loved the POTC series since I first saw it at the age of about 10/11 when it first came into the Cinemas so of course when I got wind of the new movie I was pretty exicted to see that Jack would be coming back to our screens and sans Will and Elizabeth (No offence to any fans but I’ve never really liked those two)

One thing that had me going ‘Uh Oh’ though was Penelope Cruz’ character. I admit I didn’t know much about her apart from ‘love interest, Blackbeard’s daughter’ and I admit I wasn’t keen on the idea. I had bad visions of POTC turning into a badly written fanfic.

I was pleasently suprised however, Angelica was a pretty decent ‘lady pirate’ character and they defiently kept Jack ‘in character’ about the whole deal. I can’t say much more or else I’d probably end up spoiling things a tad too much.

The film very much does seem to go back to it’s roots and seems more like Curse of the Black Pearl in the sense it is a high paced film with plenty of crazy pirate antics. I was laughing through most of it. The film also had a very interesting romantic suplot involving the mermaids. Yet again I shan’t say much as it will spoil things.

The movie does end up on a cliff hanger (as they all seem to) so who knows what they plan in future. So I do reccomend this movie immensley if you are a fan of the series especially if you are a fan of Jack and Barbossa.

I do have some pony stuff, however it will have to wait as at this point in time I am cameraless.