So, to be totally honest I had no idea about this film before I watched it yesterday. I’d sort of seen it mentioned a few times but never really caught any trailers, and well the poster doesn’t really give you much to go on other than it looks like an action film.

It’s not really a film I would have really picked to see on my own, I honestly don’t tend to watch much stuff that’s higher than a 12a rating. And I’m not really a big fan of distopic settings. Mainly as it just seems they are rather overdone.

But I had no expectations for this film, and I was pretty pleasently suprised by the end of it.

Please note: The following review contains spoilers, please proceeed with caution.



In Review

Okay, now it’s 2012 I suppose I should reflect on the past year.

For me personally it was a good year to start but midway through the year things seemed to drop. I did get some nice finds and purchases this year like:

  • G3 Fizzy Pop
  • G3 Ti-Ra-Mi-Su
  • G3 Secret Wish
  • G1 Goldilocks
  • G1 Baby Firefly
  • G1 Baby Lucky
  • G1 ‘Princess Tabetta’
  • G1 Snuzzle

There was also the Poundland Transformer’s pens and the the FiM Target merch someone picked up for me and then later in the year there was the task force 141 shirt I managed to get and the MLP hoody (need to get pictures)and Disturbed hoody

Some great games came out this year, part of the reason I’ve been quiet the last month or so, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Skyrim to name the two main ones that have been sucking up my time. I got to see some great films this year like Captain America, Kung Fu Panda 2, POTC 4, Three Muskateers, TinTin,

I randomly met a brony this year but missed out on UK Ponycon and also randomly found Naruto DVD’s in a charity shop

All in all it wasn’t a bad year. Let’s see what 2012 brings!

Friendship is Magic, first episode

Thanks to the power of Youtube I can watch the new Friendship is Magic cartoon without waiting for it to actually be shown here.
And I must say, I’m in love with the new cartoon! I’ll try not to post too much spoilers but I love it already. The main characters are all pretty likeable (Pinkie annoys me just a tad with her highpitchedomgeevalleygirlsqueeing but is still pretty cute!) I can’t really pick a fave, I love Rainbow Dash for her tomboy attitude (she reminds me of a revamped Firefly), Fluttershy is so sweet, Twilight Sparkle reminds me of myself (okay, I’m not THAT anti social XD), Applejack spookily is very much like how I picture my own Applejack, Rarity is hillarious as as fashionista.

I love how it seems they’ve put effort into making the background characters, hopefully they’ll show some of them off more. Also, I love how it seems to have a plot behind it and is not just madcap craziness/let’s have a party! based. Which is something that seems to lack in a lot of newer kids cartoons so it’s as if they’ve gone back to the roots somewhat.

Is it bad that I think the current Villian NightmareMoon is actually really awesome? I want a toy of her! Listen up Hasbro! I bet she’d sell like hotcakes!

So yeah, that’s my opinion on the new show. It’s cute, the characters are likeable, it has a plot and the villian is awesome. So give it a watch!