Sea of Monsters

So, I ended up down the cinema with a couple of friends, and we went in to see Sea of Monsters.

Now, I don’t know much about the Percy Jackson series, so I have no idea how accurate this is compared to the books, so yet again I went in to the film with no real preconceptions about it.

Percy Jackson is a Young Adult urban fantasy series, basically based around Greek mythology. In this series most of the Greek gods and godesses have half-blood children and they have a refuge known as Camp Half Blood and the series follows the titular Percy Jackson who is the son of Poisiden.



A Good Start!

So a little bit before Christmas I did a trade with Princess_Luvlee over on the MLPArena and today her half finally arrived!
Mmm candy….
A close up of the main girl herself, G1 Movie version Firefly.
Here she is with my other Firelies. She’s one of my favourite G1’s as you could probably tell:P

But there’s more
She made a little custom of one of my persona ponies, Clipper, and gave her a little Assassin Hood!
Here she is hoodless.
She’s made some friends already as you can see. 😉

And one last thing.
One of the extras I got was a little plastic kennel which as you can see has a LPS type toy in it of a little cat. Named Snowball apparently.

So, it would seem this years off to a pretty good start!
In non pony ‘real world’ stuff I sent off an application to a kennel job, so now we play the waiting game. If you’ll excuse me I’ll be trying desperately to find my way into Narnia via the wardrobe…

POTC: On Stranger Tides

Avast, be ye warned landlubber thar potentially be spoilers up ahead!

(Okay, enough pirate speak. Please also not I am not  a professional movie reviewer either)

I’ve loved the POTC series since I first saw it at the age of about 10/11 when it first came into the Cinemas so of course when I got wind of the new movie I was pretty exicted to see that Jack would be coming back to our screens and sans Will and Elizabeth (No offence to any fans but I’ve never really liked those two)

One thing that had me going ‘Uh Oh’ though was Penelope Cruz’ character. I admit I didn’t know much about her apart from ‘love interest, Blackbeard’s daughter’ and I admit I wasn’t keen on the idea. I had bad visions of POTC turning into a badly written fanfic.

I was pleasently suprised however, Angelica was a pretty decent ‘lady pirate’ character and they defiently kept Jack ‘in character’ about the whole deal. I can’t say much more or else I’d probably end up spoiling things a tad too much.

The film very much does seem to go back to it’s roots and seems more like Curse of the Black Pearl in the sense it is a high paced film with plenty of crazy pirate antics. I was laughing through most of it. The film also had a very interesting romantic suplot involving the mermaids. Yet again I shan’t say much as it will spoil things.

The movie does end up on a cliff hanger (as they all seem to) so who knows what they plan in future. So I do reccomend this movie immensley if you are a fan of the series especially if you are a fan of Jack and Barbossa.

I do have some pony stuff, however it will have to wait as at this point in time I am cameraless.

I Do Good?

Today was a classic case of ‘cool stuff turns up in unlikley places’ today I was at my local Blockbuster searching through the £3.00 clearance bins to see if they had any good films. After nosing around for a while and not finding much apart from the usual mix of kids films, Spiderman, X Men movies, random rom coms, and the classic ‘same movie that they seem to have an unusal overstook of’ and some random horror films something caught my eye. I picked it up and couldn’t believe what I’d found.

The collectors edition for Final Fantasy Advent Children!

I admit I was pretty suprised to find it. They’re was also a copy of Studio Ghibli’s ‘Earth Sea’ in there too, which I shall go back for tomorrow.

Also, there’s a cute looking G3 Twinkle Hope looking at me imploringly from the MLPArena classified ads, maybe in a week or two if she’s still there. I’m very suprised I hadn’t seen her before as she’s stunning!