So, to be totally honest I had no idea about this film before I watched it yesterday. I’d sort of seen it mentioned a few times but never really caught any trailers, and well the poster doesn’t really give you much to go on other than it looks like an action film.

It’s not really a film I would have really picked to see on my own, I honestly don’t tend to watch much stuff that’s higher than a 12a rating. And I’m not really a big fan of distopic settings. Mainly as it just seems they are rather overdone.

But I had no expectations for this film, and I was pretty pleasently suprised by the end of it.

Please note: The following review contains spoilers, please proceeed with caution.



An Unexpected Journey

So you may have noticed it’s been a while since my last proper post. So here’s another attempt at me reviewing a film.
Spoilers ahoy so be ye warned.

It was for me strangley emotional watching this film. Probably because about ten years before I remember sitting in the cinema watching Return of the King and so in a way it was a bit of a homecoming.
(And I may have felt a bit emotional when the first notes of The Hobbiton music started playing)

I remember falling in love with Middle Earth and I had missed it for quite a while. It also gave me the kick for wanting to get involved in fantasy art.


Change Your Fate

I saw Brave today, so here’s an attempt at a review. (Also I did almost have my whole review written out then one fell keystroke made it go) But there may be spoilers ahead so read with caution.

Now, from the time I started hearing rumours and seeing various leaks about Brave I immediately felt like this was a film I had somehow been waiting for my whole life.

A princess movie with a twist? Pixar’s first female lead movie? Set in Scotland?
You get the picture.

One of the main points of this film for me was in fact the backgrounds and environments. Pixar really went to town on this film and it really shows. Forests, lochs, castles, ruins, mist, mountains, hills are all beautifully done and done in such a way you feel you are there.

Now onto the more picking apart bit.