Friendship is Magic, first episode

Thanks to the power of Youtube I can watch the new Friendship is Magic cartoon without waiting for it to actually be shown here.
And I must say, I’m in love with the new cartoon! I’ll try not to post too much spoilers but I love it already. The main characters are all pretty likeable (Pinkie annoys me just a tad with her highpitchedomgeevalleygirlsqueeing but is still pretty cute!) I can’t really pick a fave, I love Rainbow Dash for her tomboy attitude (she reminds me of a revamped Firefly), Fluttershy is so sweet, Twilight Sparkle reminds me of myself (okay, I’m not THAT anti social XD), Applejack spookily is very much like how I picture my own Applejack, Rarity is hillarious as as fashionista.

I love how it seems they’ve put effort into making the background characters, hopefully they’ll show some of them off more. Also, I love how it seems to have a plot behind it and is not just madcap craziness/let’s have a party! based. Which is something that seems to lack in a lot of newer kids cartoons so it’s as if they’ve gone back to the roots somewhat.

Is it bad that I think the current Villian NightmareMoon is actually really awesome? I want a toy of her! Listen up Hasbro! I bet she’d sell like hotcakes!

So yeah, that’s my opinion on the new show. It’s cute, the characters are likeable, it has a plot and the villian is awesome. So give it a watch!