I said I was a Gamer, I never said I was good at it.

I would consider myself a gamer.

I enjoy games, immensly, I spend a fair chunk of my ‘free time’ gaming, I own several gaming platforms (although several are currently hidden in the attic), I usually end up buying at least one new release a year, and I’m always wanting to keep up to date on what’s coming out and generally games are something I have a very big interest in.

However, I would not say I am ‘good’ at gaming.

I’m ‘okay’ at most of the games I play, give me a bit of time and I can generally work out what I’m doing and can usually play a game to completion. However, I would still not say I am really ‘good’ at playing anything.

I do wonder if it was because to some extent I was a ‘late bloomer’ in my gaming.

I’ve grown up as part of the technology age, and I have been using a computer since I was very young. However, as a child my time on the computer was limited, and the only ‘games’ I played tended to be educational ones, point and click type stuff with no real skill.

Although a child of the 90’s I did not have a gameboy or a playstation. My older brothers games but everything they played wasn’t for me, I was too young.  (I once got my brother in trouble as I played Unreal Tornument, in my defense I was only playing with bots,)

I was not raised on video games like so many others, I’ve never touched a Pokemon cartridge, never played Spyro. I didn’t have a NES or N64 tucked away for me to play with. Well I did have an old Gamegear but then the wire broke and so that was the end of that.

Closest thing I had a brush to proper gaming for most of my childhood was a PC version of Croc and some random Disney racer game I got as a free trial type thing.

I did get a PS2 when I was about 13, however even then I didn’t get to game much as my parents would get annoyed if I plugged it into a TV, same went for getting a Nintendo Wii a few years later.

I played games on the computer, I had the Sims, I played KOTOR, Monkey Island, Oblivion, Need for Speed; Underground, played Thief: Deadly Shadows, had a brief flirtation with WoW, played Fable.

But I was still not a gamer, I played seldom and then when the only gaming suitable (but only just) PC in the house went I couldn’t play anything.

I only got an XBOX a couple of years ago, and it wasn’t until then that I think I became a ‘proper’ gamer, so many games to play so much stuff to catch up on.  The PS2 did get played with a few times but using it was an inconvenience to my parents.

I think I’ve only been a ‘proper’ gamer for a couple of years.

But as it turns out I’m not very good at actually gaming.

I get stuck, I can’t button mash to save my life, I’m usually digging around for walkthroughs and some games I just blunder around, I find out really basic stuff about halfway through the game.

My list goes on.

I enjoy gaming for the most part, even though some games do make me want to throw the controller out of the window (and in a few cases the whole blasted machine).

Some games I do give up on as I feel I won’t get anywhere (Bayonetta I am looking at you)

I can’t play racing games very well, I am really bad at racing games, I can play Burnout but that’s probably because it encourages you to crash the car.

In a way it is annoying as of course I want to play all the stuff I missed out on, but it would seem the classic button mashy type games are beyond my experience.

Although not a button masher I remember trying to play Final Fantasy XIII, I have honestly never played any game in this series. (I do have a copy of X but didn’t get very far) I haven’t touched it as believe it or not, I can’t for the life of me understand the levelling system,

On the one hand I should have learned but then I ended up switching my attention to other games I could play better. (I swear I will get back to it)

Gaming is a unique hobby as although it is the act of playing games there is no set way to do it.

There’s many platforms, many games and no real hard and fast rule on what you can and can’t do like many other hobbies. Similar to reading in a way.