Modding Misadventures

So for the last few days I’ve had an interesting challenge.

Modding a video game, Dragon Age II specifically.

I recently obtained physical PC versions of both Dragon Age games after having the console versions for some time. And of course getting the PC version meant I had access to mods. I modded Dragon Age:Origins with relative ease, due to a mod manager utlity.

As you may have guessed I am not exactly a ‘tech minded’ person, whilst I feel I’m quite competent with computers I have never strayed that far into more technical aspects of working around programs and machines so this was a new thing for me entirely.

But Dragon Age II proved to be another species.

At first it seemed simple, download mods, to use mutiple mods entailed editing the chargenmorph.xml. Okay seemed easy…

Nope, broke the game. So I uninstalled and decided to start afresh.

I had found the ‘mod compiler’ and managed to get that to work after realising there was a file that needed to be kept near it. So I installed the mods and they seemed to work, no broken game. Woo…

Then this happened:

Short version, some of my installed mods didn’t work as I seemed to get a bunch of blank textures and one mod didn’t seem to work at all.

And then so that started more work, more wiping mods, reinstalling mods, one more reinstall. Then I found the problem. One of the mods for some reason part of it was slightly broken. So after a nervewracking attempt to mod an xml file, everything started to behave and as you can see here now my character screen looks like this: