So a few weeks back, with finally some time and the urge to actually boot up the XBOX I finally got myself to finish Assassin’s Creed III. And it’s about time too as my last achievement date which I think was also my last play date was something like December 27 2012.

I don’t think I’ve ever left a game that long without playing it, maybe I have.

I’ve mentioned this before, but the AC series is one of my favourite game series to date, and I have enjoyed the games immensely. And found when I booted the game I was in the last sequence and so didn’t have that much to complete. And well when everything was said and done, I was rather underwhelmed.

I was also frustrated because although I’d finished the ‘In the Animus’ portion I had some elements to finish up in the ‘outside the Animus’ missions and did mange to get myself rather lost and then frustrated negotiating the map.

I’m not sure why, maybe because I managed to get spoiled on the ending pretty soon after getting the game, or had a rough idea of what happened. Maybe because I’d left the game so long that finishing didn’t feel like a compulsion or a thrill it felt a bit like a chore, a thing hanging over my head that had to be finished. Or maybe because of leaving it so long I’d forgotten a large chunk of what had happened over the course of the game.

I didn’t have much reaction, not the relief of besting the game, not annoyance at how the ending panned out, not joy at seeing that arc completed, not a sense of achievement, not confusion at what happened.

Just nothing.

I also found I had less urge to chase up after all the objects as I did in previous games and find areas and items to unlock.

Maybe if I leave it a while then come back and try and complete the game and try and do a bit more searching my reaction will be different.