I Didn’t Buy Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

So, Assassin’s Creed IV came out.

And I don’t own it, it’s not even as if I made a preorder and then when the time came I couldn’t afford to, I just never even got to that stage.

I’ve been a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series for years. And yet somehow I just couldn’t get up the same level of excitment about AC 4 even though it features pirates, which I have a strong interest in both their fictional and real life historical counterparts (Treasure Island was one of my favourite books as a child).

I didn’t actually pay much attention to the publicity for AC 4 either so maybe that was part of it too, so I didn’t get any hype for it built up and it was more just ‘Oh there’s a new game’ rather than ‘The new game looks cool’ I haven’t really been keeping up with game news that much lately.

Maybe not finishing AC 3 had something to do with it, it wasn’t intentional but my brother and I’s XBOX gave out and needed a replacement disk drive and then for some reason we put off hooking it back up for months and then I just didn’t feel like gaming much or at least console gaming and so the game just sat there. I seem to go through sort of burnout periods with gaming where I tend to get drained out of wanting to play console games and just don’t game.

And it’s still just sitting there, the Xbox has been back with us for most of this year and I can’t remember the last time I opened up the game.

Personal circumsatances factored in too, and I wasn’t really in a state I could afford to drop money on a brand new game. And just the last few months have been a bit of period of upheaval as I’ve gone back into education and so I was sorting out that and now I’m at this point in time living of my ‘maintenance loan’ and so as much as I did have the money to drop on AC 4 I at the same time didn’t as I need to use that money for things like train tickets. And if I got AC4 right now I don’t think I’d have much time to play it especially as I’m sort of drowing in assignments and research.

Maybe, just maybe I’ve fallen out of love with the series, I admit I got very attached to Ezio and his story and so starting again with someone new was rather daunting, and now I’ve got to move on from Connor and go to yet another new character. And it feels like it’s dragging because as far as I know AC3 wraps up Desmond’s story so how it is meant to continue?

I probably will end up with AC4 eventually, maybe once it drops in price a bit.


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