I sat through the Lone Ranger

I honestly had no intention of watching this film. But I got drafted into going by my family.

Simply put, the film made little impression on me.

I don’t even think saying the visuals are good is a saving grace since now there’s very few films with bad visuals. This was supposed to be a ‘birth of a hero’ film but it just flopped for me. I can sort of make it work as ‘crazy western buddy film’ but even so.

I mean right near the end it feels like how ‘The Lone Ranger’ is supposed to be but the rest of the film is just no.

There was some funny moments. mostly slapstick. I have to admit a lot of the humour was quite forced to me but the only thing I found genuinely funny was Silver the horse.

Now to be warned, I touch upon a few senstive topics, abelism, sexism and rape jokes so most of this will be under a cut. And there’s some spoilers ahead.

Short version: This may have turned out well, but it didn’t and has plenty of ‘Why? Why did you do this?’

To me The Lone Ranger was one of those nolstagic pieces that probably should just stay nolstaglic for a reason. And really isn’t something that can be made into a modern adaptation. Or if you do you need to be very, very careful in doing so.

Now of course, the main issue was the racism surrounding the casting of Johnny Depp as a Native American. I admit this is somewhere I personally can not feel I can speak much as I am not Native American. So I will leave this aspect to others to deal with. But yes I really was not on board with the ‘let’s not cast someone who is actually Native American’ in the film.

Now through most of the film Tonto’s actions are played for laughs, because ‘Hey look at this whacky ‘Magical Native’ but then a little bit later we meet the Comanche tribe, and this is where things get akward for me.

It turns out all of Tonto’s crazy antics are the result of mental illness induced by trauma. And well the fact that they play this for laughs is just really leaving a bad taste in my mouth. On the one hand they go ‘Hahah no we’re not Magical Natives’ but then to do that by being abelist is just not very good way to set it up.

Why couldn’t they have just had Tonto as a ‘normal’ Comanche? To be fair certain chunks of the film felt a bit like ‘Jack Sparrow with facepaint on’.

Sexism, or something I’m pretty sure counts as sexism.

Rebecca, now unfortuantly she seemed to fall into a pretty common trap. She seemed to not exist as more than a love interest. She gets some good moments, and she’s a pretty proactive damsel being that she manages to orchastrate some escapes but she still seems to mostly just be used as an object.

She’s married to Reid’s brother, he’s carried a torch for her all these years. And hey it turns out ‘she loved you all along’ which is just such a cliche trope. That on it’s own I think I could’ve dealt with.

But then, one of the character’s who turns out to be the other ‘Big Bad’ has his own intentions for her. And then the other Big Bad gets in on making advances to her.

And yes she gets kidnapped.

And then one thing that really bugged me was during the climax she gets a moment where it shapes up she’s going to do something pretty awesome. She’s in position to help out our heroes by taking out a bad guy by hitting him over the head with a wrench. And then…

She get’s hit over the head with a silver nugget and it’s played for laughs. Not cool.

And then, we get to the rape jokes.

One is made toward a male outlaw. Yes, because rape jokes and more specifically male rape is so funny. And please bare in mind there’s several moments involving Rebecca that hint that she’s at risk of being raped, including one very obvious spoken threat by one of the villians.

And it just made me sigh.

And also, the thing is the film drags, it feels a bit longer than it should be.

I mean the ‘as a flashback’ is somewhat interesting, but then when you have a flashback within a flashback it does sort of throw you off a bit.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mich
    Aug 19, 2013 @ 18:06:33

    Very glad I skipped that film. And yeah I really don’t get why they used Johnny Depp, as all his work with Burton seems to have fried his acting abilities and there are definitely plenty of actual Indian actors they could have used. …Like Michael Greyeyes–I totally would have gone to the cinema just to see him :)*


    • starrypawz
      Aug 19, 2013 @ 18:13:48

      Yeah, it was annoying as Pacific Rim stopped screening a few weeks before, and I don’t think I could’ve pursaded my family to see Monsters University instead.

      They couldn’t seem to decide wether it was meant to be ‘silly buddy cop’ or ‘nitty gritty realistic’ either.

      I just had to google him, I recognise him and so it’s nice to put a name to the face 😛


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