Revenge Solves Everything

So I have in the last ten minutes or so finished Dishonored (at least when I started writing this post) and so I will atempt to review this game as best I can. Potential spoilers up ahead.

I admit, I didn’t know a lot about Dishonored before it came out but my brother had preordered it anyway and what I’d seen looked interesting which I suppose helped as I didn’t have too many preconcieved notions about the game.

Interface wise it is very similar to Dark Messiash, but that would of course be as it’s made by the same gaming comapany. It also shares elements with ‘Thief’ in that guards are aware and you have to be mindful of your environment and the the noise you make, however unlike thief shadows don’t really affect gameplay.

In this game, the plot does boil down to ‘You are responsible for protecting a very important person, they die you get framed, and so it’s up to you to clear your name and restore order to the world.’ There’s a few ‘plot twists’ that come along that to be fair aren’t very suprising (or at leas they weren’t to me) but it’s a pretty good and engaging story. Character’s don’t have a lot of depth, but there’s enough there to make you connect to them either with liking them or hating them. Especially with Emily the game does get across the ‘father/daughter’ realtionship the two have.

Atmosphere wise the game is quite impressive. The game is highly textured and detailed and very much gets over the look of a ‘sick’ city and often contrasts this with certain areas where the ‘rich’ live these areas are richly detailed and coloured and are at a vast contrast with the grimy, faded and grey areas of the city itself.

Gameplay though is where the game really, really comes into it’s element. The gameplay is very adaptive as the game is set up to give you multiple ways to achieve your goal. Want to stealth through and not kill anyone? Go right ahead. Want to go on a bloody rampage? Go right ahead. The game gives you plenty of tools, not just what you’ve got gear and power wise but you can use the environment, you can say throw a bottle to draw a gaurds attention, chuck a body in the street. You can possess animals to let you find other routes.

The game is very ‘open’ and free and a bit like Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge in a way as you have plenty of places where you can essentially run and jump over rooftops and buildings and various other structures. Movement is pretty fluid for the most part.

The game adapts to how you play and has a ‘chaos’ system. If you play through with ‘low’ chaos the game seems brighter, there’s generally less in the way of killer rats and ‘weepers’ and if you go for ‘high’ chaos the game gets darker and the city looks ‘sicker. This also will affect the ending of the game. By the end of the game I had pretty low ‘chaos’ and a low body count, I took out all the big players with indirect means and so I got the ‘nice’ ending.

Levelling is achieved through the collection of runes which are found all throughout the game in varying locations so you can buy new powers or train up the ones you have. I admit some powers I didn’t get until quite late in the game such as the higher level posession and windblast. And there’s a few more ‘combat’ based powers I didn’t pick up.

The search for runes and ‘bone charms’ (which unlock various small bonuses) is enough to keep you interested in something other than just running around the game.

I admit, the good ending of the game did make me well up a bit, it’s a sweet one. I’ve seen the other two endings which are ‘bad’ and ‘very bad’.

It’s not a ‘long’ game by any means, when I was done I’d clocked up about 20 hours. But some of that was from me reloading my saves when stuff didn’t quite go the way I planned. It’s a short game but worthwhile as it does have a lot of replayablity value.


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