Sometimes You Just Have to Admit You Made a Mistake

So, you may remember a recent post of mine where I bemoaned how bad I was at multiplayer games.
Well, I found one thing that may be factoring into that on said mentioned playthrough.
It turns out that I did something very silly, and it’s affected several levels of my game. You want to know what I did?
I had an orange gun (rare) and a green gun (common) now my character can duel wield pistols. And well,
turns out I’d put the green gun in my characters main hand and the orange in the off hand. Which meant that my character wasn’t doing as much damage as she should be which was probably factoring into why I kept getting my backside kicked in game. I switched said guns over and marvelled at the immediate improvement it made.

So it looks like I will hopefully be able to steam on with my Smuggler’s storyline. Just need to gain an extra level before trying the last part of Smuggler class quest on Tattooine.


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