A Year in Skyrim (Or Just About)

So yesterday I was made aware of something. Skyrim has nearly been out for a year, and I am still playing it nearly a year on.

And unlike some games it’s not a case of ‘left it for a month and came back’, according to my Raptr tracker I have clocked up about 64 hours of game play and I am ‘dedicated’ to the game. So since it’s relase day Skyrim has been an almost constant presence in my gaming life.

And I am honestly not done with it. I find every time I go into Skyrim there’s something new. A quest I will do different, a new part of the map I haven’t found, even a new glitch to find. Like the one where you can turn yourself into a horse. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of the game and there’s just so much I still want to find, want to explore, new characters to roll and you get the picture.

My first character, Le’Fel was a Khajiit she was my first character who sort of became my test dummy, she was the one that I had no real plan for and I used to just run about my merry well trying out as many quest lines as I could.

Then came my Nord, Branda Fire-Blade. Branda I had a plan for, she would become a Companion, she’d use a greatsword and she married Farkas. And as I played I started thinking more and more about her and how she lived and where she came from. I decided that she came into Skyrim seeking to see the land of her ancestors and that she lived on a homestead near the Colovian Highlands and that she had a younger brother.

Then came Ferret, an Imperial. Ferret became a thief but she never embarked on the main quest, I decided she wasn’t the Dovahkiin. I’ve been working on her story and how she came into Skyrim. She’s quite young, and she’d vey attached to an Ebony dagger that was one of the first things she ever stole.

And the beauty of Skyrim is you don’t have to do the main story, you don’t have to become the Dovahkinn. You don’t really have to do anything, you could if you so desired just stand on the top of a mountain and watch the sky.

Although as much as I love RPG’s some despite the fact they have a different class and other variables aren’t as ‘free’ as the Elder Scrolls games are. Although some games give you scope that things can go a bit different most are very linear.

In Skyrim as soon as you get out if Helgen you can basically do whatever you want. Want to follow Ralof and follow right through with the quest? Go ahead, Want to go wandering in the other direction and find random stuff? Go ahead.

The game doesn’t stop you, there’s no ‘zones’ as such, no barriers you are completley free to do what you want.
I can’t think of any game that just gives you that scope of freedom.

I wonder how long it will take me to ‘complete’ this game if I will ever do so. Maybe I’ll still be playing this game a year later, we will see.


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