Character Design: You’re Doing it Right

So a bit of change of subject here.(Or I suppose not really)
I’ve been sort of playing Borderlands 2 on and off over the last few weeks (when my brother actually gives me chance to get to the XBox) and I just want to blog for a bit on something I think the game is doing pretty darned well.

This is Maya. Maya is (discounting the DLC character Gauge who has just been released) the only playable female protagonist in the game. She is a Siren, and has some pretty awesome ablities and is generally a pretty fun character to play as.
Now, I just want to focus on Maya’s design a bit, as actually I think she’s come out very well. Maya as a siren is meant to look very attractive and they’ve managed to do this in a pretty good way.
Whilst attractive they’ve managed to make Maya look ‘real’ she’s pretty proporinate in her build, and although she has exposed skin mainly for the sake of showing of the tattoos the areas exposed are pretty minimal (the other exposed area is near her hip).Maya’s clothing also seems to have actually been designed to be practical as it looks like the sort of stuff you can go running around adventuring in, and look she has sensible footwear.

This is Lilith, from the first game. Lilith is also a good example of how a video game can make an attractive female character that is well designed. Although she has exposed cleavage it’s not to a ridiclous level, and like Maya she generally looks like she’s suited for running around and generally adventuring.

When it comes to gaming, comics and films I’m always overjoyed to find ‘action girls’ that have been designed in such a way that they actually look suited f0r the role they are put in. Borderlands is one of the games that has done this pretty well. Borderlands as a whole is a great example of character design as each character is pretty unique, and manage to avoid a common issue that often seems to afflict games:

(Although for me Shepard is an exception since you are able to customise them, but then saying that for some reason default fem!shep is a red head and default male!shep is brown haired)

Notice a bit of a pattern here? They even have the same facial structure!



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