Oh But I Love You… Yet I Hate You (AKA: I suck at multiplayer)

So. For the last month or so the majority of my gaming time (of which there is quite a lot since I’m still unemployed at this point in time) has been taken up with one particular game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Now, for the most part I love this game. I love Star Wars, I love the two preceding ‘Old Republic’ games (which gave me two of my first ever ‘fangirling’ prospects). I love the storylines, I love the companions.

But then there’s something I don’t love.

You see although this game is an MMO it is marketed in a way that you don’t necessarily need to play it in a group and you can spend most of your time running around  on your own with the companion of your choice working through your own ‘personal story’. However, this doesn’t seem to work all of the time,currently on my main playthrough where I am playing as a smuggler I am  level 25 and on the planet of Tattooine. And I am stuck.

Yes. I am stuck.

How? Why?

Because despite the fact I have a bunch of quests that are earmarked as ‘level 25’ side quests I can’t complete them as they have level 25 bosses which generally require you to be a level above them to have much chance of making a dent in them. And the story quest for this zone ends with a fight with two level 28 bosses. Yet I found a batch of side quests that were apparently too high for my level and I practically breezed through them easily taking out mobs of characters that were levels 26-28 and I seemed to be getting somewhere.

Which leaves me with one option.

Level grinding.

Which is horrible, and tedious and just generally boring and involves me running around finding random mobs to take out that may or may not give me a good XP payout.  Oh and my character is running severely low on credits so when I die (which is happening too much) I don’t have the money to repair my gear so I’m stuck in an endless cycle of dying and respawning. Which gets very old, very fast as you can well imagine.

But wait this is an MMO right? You can play with other players!

Oh uh well…

SWTOR has a range of missions called ‘Flashpoints’ and ‘Heroics’ which are designed to be done in groups. And I can honestly admit I’ve not touched a single one of them. When apparently doing these will be a key to levelling up quicker and more credits and maybe actually getting somewhere with the game.

You see I can’t seem to grasp the ‘multiplayer’ part in games. I don’t like mutiplayer when I game I generally like to be on my own and like to just get on with the game and uncover the story. I’m much the same when I’m off the computer . Honestly I just don’t have the energy or the desire to do so. Online gaming is cutthroat, and I suppose I’m just too worried about making some big mistake and making whoever is questing with me annoyed. (Which happened to me in my first day of playing World of Warcraft)

But then there’s other issues that prevent me from ‘group gaming’ such as having a limited amount of time I can game in peace, I also tend to be on games at rather weird times when no one is really around, also I’m not sure if it’s just me but I have bad  lag issues with SWTOR and tend to get disconnected at random which isn’t ideal when questing. Add a group into the mix and chaos would reign supreme.

Or something like that. I could just be overthinking things (as always). But when you’re someone like me it’s not easy to warm up to the ‘multiplayer’ aspects of a game. It’d probably help if I actually knew anyone ‘IRL’ or even on another site I hang around with who plays but in a way I’m stuck on a little gaming island.

It’s making this game a bit of a chore, and I hate it when games become a chore it sucks the fun out of them.

So until I can get over that I think I’ll just be mob farming for  don’t know how long.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Landiien
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 11:50:35

    When you first start running with pick-up groups, or PUGs, you’re going to annoy some people until you figure out your class role and what’s expected of you. But that’s because, in my experience, a good chunk of any MMO populace is elitist and impatient.

    My recommendation would be to find a casual, laid-back guild with members who fit your playstyle. Find people who are more interested in having fun with good company than in blasting through Flashpoints or missions.

    Playing a game with a group of friends does wonders for the experience, and keeps you from getting burned-out; even when you’re not in a party together.

    http://enjin.com is a fantastic resource for finding guilds.

    Best of luck! Remember: games are supposed to be fun, not work!


    • starrypawz
      Oct 04, 2012 @ 10:18:32

      Thank you. 🙂
      I posted on one of the forums I hang around on, (it’s not a gaming one but there’s plenty of gamers on there) to see if anyone plays on the game.
      I managed to get the next level so things quest wise are a bit easier but solo level grinding does get very boring. I guess it’s just a side effect of although I have gamer friends none of them are really into MMO’s, or they are just not into SWTOR.

      Thanks for the link, I’ll check that out.
      And agreed, I hate it when game end up turning into a chore.


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