More Pony Luck

So, had a pretty good week so far pony wise. Hopefully this makes up for the lack of updates
I found a bag for £1.99 in the local PSDA and it had two dolls and two ponies, this is the first G1 I’ve found second hand in quite a while. She’s not on my want list but I think I’ll keep her as she’s really pretty
Gusty! I updated my want list deciding to focus on mostly G1’s since there’s a fair amount of ‘commons’ I don’t have.
H&M hairclips, I’m going to go back to get another set since there’s three designs and they’ve also got Pinkie Pie hats and gloves (the hat’ll fit me, the gloves not so much XD)

Not much else to say, still job hunting had an interview that didn’t go anywhere. (The job in question was a long shot, I am quite impressed I got to the interview, I was one of 15 people out of 640something who got through, but when it’s 15 people all with similar skills and experience I’d say it’s a numbers game, but one of my former classmates got through as well and got in the second shortlist so hopefully he does well)



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zombie Princess
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 17:56:14

    Oh i love the hair clips, i got some really nice G1 clips in H&M last year. Also how do you ever find ponies in charity shops at all … i never see any 😦


    • starrypawz
      Sep 27, 2012 @ 10:04:02

      I think I saw people mentioning G1 clips, I’d love to get hold of those if I could.
      I don’t know, ponies are becoming harder to find for me in charity shops yet it’s nearly always the same local branch of PDSA that seems to have them and it’s nearly always around this time of year.


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