A Pony-Filled Week

So, this week has been a very pony filled week
First up:
Got my FiM posters through the post this week, they will stay in a safe place until I can find somewhere to frame them and put them up
Yesterday in a store called Family Bargains (which is a bigger version of the ’99pence store’) I found they were selling G4 Playsets so I picked this one up. Until I can get my room back it’s staying in the box
Carboot today, might already have the Care Bear, the book was I think today’s best find, honestly need to ID the G3’s I brought home.

Not much else to say, had a job interview last week that I don’t think went too badly but I’ll have to wait, I have an ‘interview’ next Tuesday with an animal shelter to do some volunteer work on Fridays.


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