Thoughts on Mass Effect 3: Mk. 2.

I had intended to blog on this a while back, but I forgot and since this blog of mine fell into a bit of a slump I should try and pick it up a bit.

As everyone will probably know by now Bioware launched the ‘extended cut’ of Mass Effect 3 to try to patch up the endings of the game, which I blogged on before (and without needing to dig too deep it’s quite obvious what most of the fanbase thought)

I, still haven’t finished my personal ME3 playthrough due to a lack of time due to me finishing up college and also having some XBox trouble but I saw the endings online.

I will say I am satisfied.

All I really wished from the endings of Mass Effect 3 was clarity and closure, I wanted to know what had happened, what happened to my Skye Shepard who’d I spend so much time playing as, what had happened to my crew, my LI, the galaxy.
I got what I wanted, I knew what had happened, I knew where everyone was, I knew who had lived, who had died, how my little changes and plans would affect that big wide galaxy I had invested so much time in.

I was never mad at Bioware over what had happened, I was disappointed, confused even and wondering what had just happened and why this ending seemed like KOTOR 2 all over again where I didn’t know what had happened. It felt like for a game so entrenched in the ‘your choices matter’ mantra that they’d seemingly stripped that away and left us with endings that seemed to make little difference in the long run.

Do I think the endings are ideal? Not really, there’s still issues. Do I still wish there was some overreaching yay everyone lives, Shep is alive and you can run off with your LI into the sunset ending? I sure do.

But I’m content with what has been given to us, I understand and that was what I wanted the most.



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