Just Going Through the Motions

(Sort of x-posted from my art blog)


It feels like I’ve forgotten how to draw.

I’m trying to put pencil to paper but nothing seems to be coming out right.

I’m not really feeling myself, and I honestly have nothing to update with on here.

I’m doing my hardest to find work but not really had any leads, I’m trying to sort out some volunteering with an animal sanctuary, but as soon as I told my mum about it she started picking holes in my idea as the centre is sort of a bit out of my way, but they got back to me within several hours of me emailing them and actually seem to want people unlike a lot of places near me.

I’m not in the best mood, I applied for a job at a well known UK petstore chain and well. I got rejected, no idea why just got an impersonal, automated ‘you have not been successful’ email. I know its most likley due to the amount of applicants but I feel that I would have been good at said shop and just wonder why I wasn’t picked. It could have been distance as I’m not in the town the shop is located but at the same time I’m not so far away that I can’t get there easily.

I’ve only been job hunting for a week and I already feel dejected and defeated.  That’s not a good sign, I send my CV out, I ask people, I phone, I email and I don’t seem to be getting much back. It’s all very well the Job Centre telling me to look outside of my town but honestly, if I do get an out of town job I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it especially when I’m going for stuff that just meets the mininmum wage bracket.

It also doesn’t help the amount of stuff that wants either experience that I don’t really have or need me to have my own transport. How am I supposed to have that when I can’t afford to learn to drive in the first place?

It’s not much help when you’re constantly running into stuff that points out ‘we’re in a recession’ ‘too many people not enough jobs’ ‘firms are shutting down’

So for now I’m unemployed, and can’t seem to draw or write at this current point in time. I’m fed up, grouchy and maybe feeling a bit stir-crazy.

Hopefully something sorts itself out soon…


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