It’s Been a While…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but hey look I have material.
A Cotton Candy pomander I found in a local charity shop not quite sure where she’s going to go right now
G3 Desert Blossom who I found down the local carboot, she seriously needs some time at the pony salon

And, I’ve picked up my second G4
Pinkie Pie! I did want to grab a Rainbow Dash but the one I found for some reason had these brown marks on her muzzle like the plastic was aged. D:
Close up of the cute little suitcase
Stickers and ‘train ticket’
Map/Leaflet which has got stuck on the wall above my desk
Loki has gained another army member (and he’s very useful for storing cables)
N7 Keychain I found at my local Gamestation

So that’s me sorted. College is wrapping up, I’m busy trying to make sure everything is done and dusted. Gaming wise I’ve started Dragon Age: II again as I got the ‘Exiled Prince’ DLC finally so I now have Sebastian Vael. And I’ve been playing Darksiders.


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