Oooh, there’s a box from Amazon so what’s in there I wonder?
Oh I see, Hello Loki
“Mortal, free me from this plastic prision!”
“In a minute”

So, I saw ‘The Avengers’ a week or two ago and I will just say as of that day I have been ‘Loki’d’ as it were. And soon I ended up finding a figurine on Amazon and because its my birthday soon (what next month is soon!) I decided to treat myself.
Now, I’ll have to keep an eye on him as he might try to rule of Midgard by way of controlling ponies.

He’s a really well made figurine though, really detailed he’s a bit hard to balance though but I always seem to have that problem.
Hey, he was much cheaper than THIS:
That version of him will be forever out of reach I think.


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