Thoughts On Mass Effect 3

I had intended to do a post like this a while back but as bad as it seems I’ve lacked motivation to work on this blog. Also, I feel the ‘dust has settled’ on this a bit. So be warned, spoilers ahead

Now, as a preface I haven’t personally finished my playthrough of Mass Effect 3 I was vaugley spoiled for the ending before starting and my older brother completed his playthrough.

Mass Effect 3 was a game I almost didn’t get to play. My brother and I had put in a preorder at Game for the N7 collectors edition but of course we didn’t forsee Game going under. But we managed to get it from Blockbuster. In a way I suppose I’m slightly ‘glad’ we didn’t fork out for the N7 edition in the end. Even if I did really want that art book.

For the majory of the game, Mass Effect 3 is awesome. It starts of pretty strong with the whole being thrown straight back into the fight thing like with Mass Effect 2. The game starts of pretty dramatically and the opening scenes are pretty damn heart wrenching and gave me a ‘reason to fight’ as it were as it really hits home how dire the siutation is.

Character wise the game is excellent as well. It’s been 6 months since you last saw your crew so it’s interesting to see how people have changed. One of the ones I really liked was Jack. I’d liked her in the second game and liked seeing how she had ‘matured’ between games somewhat.

I found the Normandy felt pretty empty in the game as although you meet your old crew only  a handful come back to the ship. I was impressed by Vega, at first from what I had heard and seen I thought he would have been a very annoying character but he wasn’t as bad as he seemed. Diane Allers I found tolerable but to be fair I only kept her for the sake of a War Asset.  This game really does pull out all the stops in the way of ‘player punches’ such as what happens to Thane and Mordin.

Romance wise, I was impressed. One of my main thoughts was ‘how would they handle it’. In my game I romanced Garrus and really liked how that romance turned out. Especially the Citadel scene, what can I say I’m a fangirl.

Everything was great until the last 10 or so minutes. Pre battle when you touch down on London you can really get that sense of ‘do or die’ you can tell humanity is pushed back, this is the last chance especially with details such as the radio chatter which I found really sobering when they read off things such as the casualty counts in the different zones.

For me, the game starts to fall apart once you hit the Conduit. The last scene with Anderson is perfect though, and for me that would have been the perfect end.

I have no problems with a ending where Shepherd has died but I do have a problem with the lack of closure. The last parts of the game where you have to ‘make the choice’ which essentially seems to be ‘what colour explosions do you want’ the game just seems to become really chaotic and confusing. We know the reapers are falling and we’ve won but then what? What’s with the tropical planet? Why is the Normandy legging it out of there? Did Shepherd survive? Did humanity survive? Is everyone now stuck in the Sol system forever?

I know it seems weird to dislike the game for the ending alone but it just makes me feel dissapointed. But I guess I’ll just have to wait for this DLC that may help the ending make more sense.


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