Pony Tales: Applejack’s Rescue

This week a small disaster befell my herd.

One of my ponies became trapped in a deep dark abbys known as ‘B’Hind Ex’Boxe’ poor g1 Applejack the most adventerous one of the herd had gone outside to explore the snow and had returned. Not feeling up to the journey up ‘At’yick Stares’ to get into the safe haven of ‘The Beyd’rhume’ she decided to rest upon the strange formation known as ‘St’Acked Gaymes’

However, a major tremor occured and brave Applejack fell down into ‘B’Hind Ex’Boxe’

The little pony stayed there for five long days and nights hoping for a resuce, attempts were made but failed until today.

A bizzare contraption which had begun its life as a  wire coat hanger managed to catch her by the tail and pull her toward the light.

She was safe!

Applejack for now is resting upon Mt.Beyd and awaiting a bath. She may take a small break from adventuring.


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