A Good Start!

So a little bit before Christmas I did a trade with Princess_Luvlee over on the MLPArena and today her half finally arrived!
Mmm candy….
A close up of the main girl herself, G1 Movie version Firefly.
Here she is with my other Firelies. She’s one of my favourite G1’s as you could probably tell:P

But there’s more
She made a little custom of one of my persona ponies, Clipper, and gave her a little Assassin Hood!
Here she is hoodless.
She’s made some friends already as you can see. 😉

And one last thing.
One of the extras I got was a little plastic kennel which as you can see has a LPS type toy in it of a little cat. Named Snowball apparently.

So, it would seem this years off to a pretty good start!
In non pony ‘real world’ stuff I sent off an application to a kennel job, so now we play the waiting game. If you’ll excuse me I’ll be trying desperately to find my way into Narnia via the wardrobe…


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