Sometimes I Fail…

So, I have a tale to tell ye, a cautionary tale if ye may.

Arrr it was a… rather unseasonably mild December when the…
Sorry, I left my pirate mode on.

Okay, so I got given (unexpectatly) a new laptop for Christmas, I still have the big clunky, laggy beast of a machine as otherwise I wouldn’t have Photoshop. So, when getting ‘settled’ in on the new laptop who I’ve affectionately named ‘Coco’ I decided to download the MMO Perfect World International. I joined it after my best friend recommended it but haven’t played much as I know that my old laptop couldn’t run it. So after it’s installed, patched I go to log in and get an error message

‘Incorrect username/password combination’
My first thought it ‘oh must have forgotten my password’ so I go to reset it, still the same message so I try several times not thinking what must be wrong and decide to email customer support.
I just got the email back from them about 30 minutes ago and guess what they say:
‘Hello, please ensure you are logging on with your account name and not your forum name’
I seriously can’t believe I did that. I’ve had several days of annoyance over not being able to get into the game and I did that? Seriously?


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