The Adventures of TinTin: Secret of the Unicorn

Hello, it’s been a while and yet again here’s one of my rather bad attempts at reviewing a movie.

Now, I’ve been a fan of TinTin for quite a while. I remember reading my first comic when I was about 9-10 which was also when I disovered the Asterix comics so they’ve been one of those ‘big parts’ of my childhood. When I saw the trailer I was excited to see it being brought to the screen and hoped they did things well.

I wasn’t dissappointed.

The main point of the film that I loved was the CGI. The style was pretty breathtaking and very much made the characters real and for the most part avoided the ‘uncanny valley’ effect which they could have created there was a few moments where things got thrown slightly off. The world of TinTin was also very richley detailed and textured.

It may seem strange but one of the bits I loved was the opening credits. I loved the animation style that was used.

It to me was very much a film more intended for the fans, with the various hints to the previous comics (look out for a very special cameo at the start) and also the film was quite dark in points for a PG rated movie so do bare that in mind if you want to take small children to it.

The characters in this film were likable. TinTin was, well TinTin, likable, heroic and a ‘good guy’ but not deep. But to be fair this film didn’t need to be deep, everyone knows TinTin as ‘the intrepid boy reporter’, Haddock as the ‘illtempered, fiery captain’ and Thompson and Thompson as the ‘bumbling dectives’ and despite the aparent ‘shallowness’ of these characters it doesn’t detract from the film. The film is fast paced, plenty of action, humour and generally an enjoyable film to watch.


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