All For One and One For All!

I’ve just come back from watching ‘The Three Musketeers’ so here’s another one of my semi-naff movie reviews. Which I will try to keep spoiler free as possible.

I will say this, do not go to watch this film if you want a period accurate true to the book adaptation.Or a really ‘intelligent’ movie.  But do go if you are a fan of swashbuckling, fun, Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

That I will say is the main selling point of this film. It is fun. It is a high paced, crazy film with plenty of swashbuckling action. The characters are well done, the visuals are gorgeous, it has a good soundtrack and also the fighting scenes are awesome. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously either.

On the characters.

Milday, she was done pretty well. She was a type of character that is all to easy to screw up. She could have either come off as a ‘fake’ action character or she could have come off as too much of a ‘rawr I am female and tough’ character but I liked her. She was pretty kick arse.

D’Artegan, also another character type that could have gone horribly wrong. With his type of character it can be all too easy to make them overly arrogant, ‘scrappy’ types but I found him really likeable.

Buckingham, I was really surprised by Orlando Bloom’s performance. I’ve never really been a fan of him as the characters he tends to get cast as often strike me as annoying but he was surprisingly good at being an ‘elegant bastard’ type villain.I think he’s improved from the films I first saw him.

In this film, all of the characters to me were pretty likeable. None of them came off as overly annoying which I think added to the charm of it. There was a few somewhat cheesy bits and one moment where I very much had a ‘they’re not dead’ moment and another ‘that doesn’t work’ moment (thank you Mythbusters for breaking my sense of disbelief) but I loved it non the less.

I loved the airships. As dumb as it may seem the airships were one of the major reasons I wanted to see the film, it got my inner steam punk excited.

So if you can check it out, it’s a great swashbuckling action film. A type of film I think we need more of, films that are crazy, fun, don’t take themselves seriously and just generally are an enjoyable ride.


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