Childhood Nearly Complete

I, have a confession to make.

Until yesterday I’d never in my entire life watched Jurassic Park. I do remember all the hype about it when I was young, but I wasn’t allowed to watch it because ‘it was too scary’ (although I was allowed to watch the nightmare inducing Chernabog scene from Fantasia on my own) and I’d never had the opportunity to see it.
That was until last night my local cinema had been doing a limited time screening of it so my brother and I went to see it.

I was thoroughly impressed. For a film released 18 years ago it has aged pretty well and the effects are still very impressive. The film of course was a bit corny in parts but it still was pretty thrilling to watch (even if my inner paelotologist was annoyed at some of the mistakes they’d made) . I have to admit, I am quite suprised this film got away with a PG as there were a few moments that really did make me wince.

So, I’ve nearly completed the missing chunks from my childhood. Just need to track down a few more films and I’m done.


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