Some of my Favourite Game Music…

Okay, sorry for no updates. I do have a G4 toys error post I’ve been meaning to get up but it keeps slipping my mind. But here’s a nice, non pony related post.

I love music, although I tend to now listen to more of the rock and metal side of things I do adore instrumental music, and so here’s a post of some of my favourite video game scores. I’ll do another post for movie ones.

Dragon Age.

Fenris’ Theme- Dragon Age II.

Rogue Heart- Dragon Age II

Destiny of Love- Dragon Age II

I Am the One- Dragon Age: Origins

Main Theme: Dragon Age: Origins

Fereldan At War: Dragon Age: Origins

Dalish Encampment Dragon Age: Origins

Mass Effect



Mirror’s Edge

The Edge





Marcus Memorial



Assassin’s Creed

Ezio’s Family

Home in Florence


Chase Theme


Spirit of Damascus

Meditation Begins

In other news, I got myself a MW2 poster today and a copy of ‘The Girl Who Lept Through Time’ which I hope should be interesting


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