Gamer Fatigue

I think that’s what I’ve been suffering with over the summer holidays. I’ve had off at least a month from college which in theory should have meant plenty of gaming time but that is not so.

It’s no secret I love to game, I was introduced to computers at a very early age and remember ‘playing’ a few games when I was really young although I didn’t know what I was doing. But I’d say I became more interested in gaming in general a few years back and it’s ‘gone downhill’ from there so to speak.

So, despite the fact I’ve had plenty of free time to pursue my love of gaming I’ve not done much in that way at all. All I’ve done is one playthrough of DA: Awakening and Return to Ostagar.  I have at least one more DA:O playthrough I’d love to do, I have a half completed DA:2 playthrough as well. I was replaying AC: Brotherhood but stopped, I have Final Fantasy 13 starting at me from the shelf as I’ve barley touched it since I got it last year, Project Zero/Fatal Frame is looming over me, so is Sands of Time and, 2008 Prince of Persia, I should probably get back to Fallout New Vegas, Bayonetta is eluding me and so is Devil May Cry 4 and I also have Red Dead Redemption to Atend to as well as the orginal Fable.

Yet, I just can’t seem to bring myself to turn on the XBox put in a game and just play. I don’t feel like it, I can’t think what I should play or I put in a game and get bored in five minutes or get to a battle and go ‘screw it’ and turn the console off.

It’s strange, during term time I’m on the XBox a lot, and I mean a lot but when I actually have free time and could in theory spend most of my day gaming I don’t feel so inclined. I have no idea how to break this cycle, there’s a couple of games I’d like to get and play and gaming on a different console however is not an option currently as both consoles (A Wii and ps2) are hidden somewhere in the basement and getting into there is a challenge befitting of Indiana Jones.

I just hope I overcome this fatigue soon. I kind of miss the Xbox.


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