Summer Finds

Okay, yet another quite late update as I honestly haven’t really had anything to post at all as of late.
First up we have this Ribbon Wishes that I got from a charity shop, she still needs some work but hopefully that biro comes off of her nose, but she also had blu-tack stuck in her tail when I got her. Eeeew.
I went to a carboot yesterday, this was all I found. I may or may not put Tulip Twinkle up for sale.
Today I got this from one of those capsule toy machines. They’re called ‘Little Vampires’ and are apparently made by a company called Krazytown. They’ve got a couple of werewolves in their design batch and I hope I can get one of those.

Last week I saw Captain America. I admit I knew next to nothing about the character himself before the film came out so I’ll leave the accuracy claims to those more well versed than me. However, in my personal opinion I thought it was a pretty good film. I also liked how ‘authentic’ everything in the film looked to the time period and also how the film seemed to have that early coloured film look to it as well. The film was pretty action packed but not so much that you ended up sitting there going ‘waaaait, what just happened?’

I’d say that with the Marvel movies that have come out over the last decade that they seem to be getting pretty good now compared to their start. And I’m defiently looking forward to seeing ‘The Avengers’ next year.


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