POTC: On Stranger Tides

Avast, be ye warned landlubber thar potentially be spoilers up ahead!

(Okay, enough pirate speak. Please also not I am not  a professional movie reviewer either)

I’ve loved the POTC series since I first saw it at the age of about 10/11 when it first came into the Cinemas so of course when I got wind of the new movie I was pretty exicted to see that Jack would be coming back to our screens and sans Will and Elizabeth (No offence to any fans but I’ve never really liked those two)

One thing that had me going ‘Uh Oh’ though was Penelope Cruz’ character. I admit I didn’t know much about her apart from ‘love interest, Blackbeard’s daughter’ and I admit I wasn’t keen on the idea. I had bad visions of POTC turning into a badly written fanfic.

I was pleasently suprised however, Angelica was a pretty decent ‘lady pirate’ character and they defiently kept Jack ‘in character’ about the whole deal. I can’t say much more or else I’d probably end up spoiling things a tad too much.

The film very much does seem to go back to it’s roots and seems more like Curse of the Black Pearl in the sense it is a high paced film with plenty of crazy pirate antics. I was laughing through most of it. The film also had a very interesting romantic suplot involving the mermaids. Yet again I shan’t say much as it will spoil things.

The movie does end up on a cliff hanger (as they all seem to) so who knows what they plan in future. So I do reccomend this movie immensley if you are a fan of the series especially if you are a fan of Jack and Barbossa.

I do have some pony stuff, however it will have to wait as at this point in time I am cameraless.


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