She’s So Cute and Tiny!

She came Wednesday as part of a trade I did. I didn’t realise how tiny these plushies were until I actually got her, she’s currently sitting by my laptop looking cute.

Let’s see…
Wednesday my brother and I saw Rango. I quite like the movie, especially from the standpoint of the graphics and effects of the film especially a lot of the scenery work. I would though say despite the PG rating it’s not a a ‘kids’ PG as it were so I’d be careful taking young kids to see this.

Also Dragon Age 2 came out yesterday. I’m pretty impressed by it, graphics wise the games taken a pretty big leap up. The combat system is vastly improved, there’s none of that shuffling you had to do in DA:O which is a plus. I’m generally enjoying it however I think I’ll always still be partial to DA:O mainly because of the characters from the first game. Time will tell but if you’ve been looking into the game I’d recommend it.


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