May the Force be With You, Young Padawan…

Okay I know I’m late to the party as it were but as a fellow girl geek I can’t go without posting about this.
Katie- An Ordinary Story with an Extraordinary Response

Most of us have heard the story about 7 year old Katie, the little girl who was bullied in school over liking Star Wars as it was ‘only for boys’ and of the reaction of the internet at large who came out in their legions to support her.

I’m a Star Wars fan too, but I didn’t get ‘into’ it until a few years back when I finally decided to watch the films properly and realised they were good. But I was bullied in primary school as well and just want to give my support to Katie as I know how it feels.

In school I was bullied because I was ‘weird’ why? Because when we all went into the ‘Juniors’ at Primary school nearly all the girls overnight bascially started liking stuff like pop music, makeup and boys, we weren’t even that old, probably about 7 or 8 and at that time I was still playing with my Barbies and my teddy bears and didn’t really know who any of these pop singers were, I didn’t read Goosebumps and the only makeup around was the stuff already on Barbie’s face. That made me ‘weird’ (the glasses probably didn’t help much and the fact I was so shy) so the girls wouldn’t talk to me, also I admit as a kid I was a bit of a crybaby and easily wound up so the boys used to pick on me too.

I remember also that I think in year 5 I remember going into the library, once a week we could go into the school’s little library and pick out a book to read for a while. One day I decided to pick up an Asterix comic as we had them for a while, apparently it was weird because ‘Asterix is for boys!’

Let’s just say that being in primary school in the juniors wasn’t exactly the happiest time of my life. I had little friends and just wasn’t happy in school and my teachers didn’t seem to do anything.

The support that she’s recieved has been phenomnal, so many of us have empathised with her and given her the much needed ‘it’s okay, you’re not weird’ that children so desperatley need at that age. (and I admit I occassionally have to remind myself of as a 18 year old)

So bascially to sum this up. Katie, you are not weird. You are a very special little girl, plenty of other girls like Star Wars. Be proud of who you are and may the Force be with you.


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  1. Doodlebug
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 17:33:05

    I’m very thankful that hundreds of people would send their support to a little girl in need of encouragement. Everyone needs encouragement, especially in a world whose specialty is tearing people down.


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