Twas the day before MCM Expo

Okay I’ve got to make this quick as I’m trying to get stuff together to get over to my friend’s house this afternoon as it’s MCM expo tomorrow and we’re all (6 of us in total) are spending the night at the same house to in theory make it a bit easier to get there on time.

On Wednesday I dropped some stuff off at my local charity shop (or one of them) and noticed something on the backwall
And bascially went ‘oooh nice,’ but as I had my card on me I knew I’d need to find something else to tip it over the 99pence mark or else I wouldn’t be able to get it.
I think that was covered nicley

But here’s something interesting about this picture of Medley…
She’s blue! It’s probably due to the old colour printing methods but still. Very strange.

Now if you excuse me. I have stuff to find like my phone which has gone missing and I know if I don’t have that with me tomorrow my mum will go into super mental breakdown mode. Should be fun tomorrow I’m going to try and get a sketch of Dreamwolf/Kat Nicholson and also the voice actor for Ezio will be there so maybe he’ll sign my game!


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  1. Doodlebug
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 04:36:11

    You really scored some goodies! That pony picture will look very nice hanging on your wall. šŸ™‚

    Sky Rocket is a cutie (even with crazy tinsel)!


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