Not One, Not Two but THREE G1’s!

Seems that I had just a bit of luck, finding these three lovley ponies in my local PDSA shop for 99pence each. They did also have an Applejack but I left her behind 1. I own her and 2. she was covered in marks on one side but something tells me I’ll end up running back there if I get a chance to save her and then see if anyone else wants her. XD

Made my day, yesterday I wasn’t doing so good:

  • My phone was out of charge so I had to leave it behind
  • My friend and I were running late so we missed the first train, I’m so glad that on Fridays we start at 9.30am
  • And I did an impressive thing in a lesson. I stacked it on the hill outside the animal centre and grazed my elbow and knee why? I was being a ‘zebra’ running away from ‘lions’ becasue we were studying ‘prey capture techniques’ I blame my behaviour tutor for that. What really sucked is I had got past the ‘safe zone’ and then fell. Great.

And for the sake of showing off my other blog/my art I finished this, it’s NightmareMoon from the new MLP cartoon

So go check it out on my other blog Dead Men Tell No Tales


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