You’d Think People Would Learn to Read…

Okay, this is just a bit of a rant involving an incident I read about involving a friend of mine and Ebay.
Said friend sold a bait lot of ponies on Ebay, someone brought them and despite the fact the photo clearly showed the duplicates and said ‘BAIT’ the person had the gall to bascially say
‘these ponies are too damaged, I know they’re second hand but I expect some degree of usability and there are doubles, I want a refund’

You’d think someone bidding on a lot of ponies with ‘BAIT’ written about them would know it meant ‘these are intended for customs/restores and may not be in good condition’

Some people are just silly I guess.

Let’s see other, less annoyed pony news: My cosplay hat is done, I may actually be getting to the UK Con, I have a Tex coming my way in the post and I’m hopefully getting NSS Northstar soon.


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