I Admit, I Put Waaay Too Much Thought Into This…

Okay, this is probably proof that I spend too much time thinking about the lives and personal dramas of my little plastic toys but I’ve found myself making pairings and families. Want to know who is with who? (And c’mon, I know you guys did it when you were younger, who hasn’t made up an epic love triange saga involing Barbie and Ken, who she realises pales in comparison to G.I. Joe?)

First up, we have Cherries Jubliee and Wigwam
They are in a way, and ‘opposites attract’ couple, Wigwam is quiet and shy, but Cherries is quite bright and bubbly. They met at the bar which she owns with her good friend Applejack, Wigwam took ages to pluck up the courage to talk to her (he had to be pushed on by his buddy, Tex)

Applejack is with Tex, however Tex has had to leave for a while so she’s waiting for her cowboy to come home. (yeah, that’s my justification for why I don’t own Tex… he’ll come my way I’m sure)

Barnacle, oh boy. Barnacle is a real ladies man and has a girl in every port, but these two UK Snowflake and Tutti Frutti are his ‘two favourite ladies’
Unbeknowest to him though, he has an illegitamate son, Baby Clipper who is looking for his dad (yet again, my justication for why he’s missing from my herd)

Waterfire is Barnacles little sister, he loves his sister and she really looks up to him. She does wish though her brother would stay home more often, she’s looked after by Kimono whilst he’s away. Barnacle is trying to make sure she doesn’t follow the same path as him.

Gardenia Glow, she has two little sisters Sparkleberry Swirl and Romperooni, they’re half siblings. Due to family problems she’s taken those two in. She’s also found herself caring for Ocean Dreamer, who is the daughter of Seascape, Honoloulou who is the daughter of Star Catcher and Flower Flash who is an orphan.

I also have a royal couple, in the way of Prince Clever Clover and Princess Morning Glory. The two are childhood sweethearts and Prince Clever Clover lost an eye in a battle (yeah, that’s why he’s got a missing eye gem), no pics though as those two are in my cleaning box…

Yeah, I have no life and love making up soap operas about little toy horses, but hey it beats cleaning. :p


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