Flasheez Pony Torch

So on the same day I spotted the ‘Pet Zoo’ fakies I also found something else in the same toyshop. I went back to get one yesterday
It’s apparently called ‘Flasheez’ and it’s a kids torch/nightlight, it boasts 8 hours of led light so I thought ‘why not, I need a new torch and they’re only £1.99’ however, I did want the Rainbow Dash one but when I went to pick one up she’d gone and they only had Toola or Cheerylee. I asked my friend and she made me get Toola. They have an ’08 mark and feature ‘Core 7’ ponies

They had some Littlest Pet Shop ones as well. However this is just a bit creepy about them… look!
That eye ‘disappears’ when you turn the torch to its various settings. Agh! Oh well, it’s the first pony thing I’ve brought that’s more than just a decoration it’ll probably get quite a bit of use.

Oh yeah, pony cosplay news: My fleece came (I realise I ordered waaaay too much) I just need to get a few small bits and see where my fabric scissors are and I can start with the hat and gloves. If anything, I’ll be able to get those done by the Expo.


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