Sweet, Sweet Nostalgia

Okay, so I had time to burn before college so what did myself and my friend do? (why go shopping of course :P) and I took a look in a charity shop that had recentley opened, they had no real ponies but they did have this…
Now, when I was a little girl and video games were still massive boxes which contained a jewel case CD I was given this. I spent much happy times playing it until one day the CD broke and it wouldn’t save my data. But now I’m happy again as I can play with my virtual ponies as it will run on a Vista laptop. I still want to throtle the ‘helpful’ butterfly though she’s annoying. D:

And I went into a department store toy department and found something else rather awesome
Lanard Pet Zoo! I’ve been wanting some of these guys as soon as I saw them. They only had the giraffe, the dog and the cat as singles. The zebra was available as part of a big (but rather cheap) playset which I don’t have the room foor. These guys are awesome!


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